Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best In Luxury Beauty

The people at are experts at finding the best of the best in... well... luxury! They offer an extensive array of clothes and handbags fit for fashionistas with large pocket books. But they also have some fab beauty offers that maybe still be on the "rich" side, but once in awhile, us middle income people can partake in their luxury too. Some of my favs:

Chantecaille Limited Edition Protect Paradise Eye Compact ($90): This exquisite pallet of eye colors is fit for a queen, a eco-aware queen that is. Not only are the shades wearable and fun, 5% of the proceeds are donated to fund research on fish sustainability and marine preserves. Now that might get you to buy it, but it's so pretty will you actually use it and ruin the design?!

By Terry Powder Eye Shadow ($37): For that kind of price for a tiny pot of eyeshadow color, this stuff better be fantastic. So far I've heard good things about By Terry, so I might partake. It does have an "exclusive combination of ultra-micronized pigments and ultra-smoothing optical prisms will enhance your eyes." Fancy, no?!

DiorLight Lip Gloss Necklace ($90): What better way to keep your look flashy then to combine your makeup and jewerly into one? I love this idea, just ask my friends. They tease me for wearing my Sephora lip gloss cocktail ring out on the town. What? I think it's cute and fun! Definately a conversation starter. This is definitely a step up in style and taste.

Luxury Lovely!

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Girl-Woman said...

Loving the Dior combo. What a great idea.


LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I've heard of the Chantecaille eyeshadow, but $90 is very steep. Look nice tho. Great site.