Monday, April 7, 2008

Jumped On The Mineral Bandwagon

I know I just wrote about how much I love my Foundation Powder by Laura Mercier, but as the compact emptied, I let my eyes wonder to other possibilities. I wouldn't be a junkie if I stuck to the same products! I now have a new favorite foundation! I will keep what is left of my compact for on the go touch-ups, but now I use Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder SPF 15. It is a loose powder that provides minimal coverage, but can be layered on for greater concealing. It feels light as air on my face and adds a bit of pearl essence to my complexion.

The lovely people at Sephora Union Street color matched me to Tender Rose, a pink ivory for very fair skin tones (I'm so pale after this winter!). It is easy to apply with a blending powder brush or a kabuki brush for more coverage, but it can get a tad messy if you aren't careful. I like the way it makes my skin look much more than other mineral powders I've tried (cough cough, BE). The coolest feature is the sliding lid, which blocks the holes so when you are travelling, all the product won't end up in the lid. So clever! But since it is a loose powder, I know better than to carry it around with me in my purse, least it get all over everything. So that's wear my almost empty compact comes in. Waste not, want not!

Powder Lovely!

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sarah said...

I was actually thinking about getting this powder before I bought the BE mineral powder. But, I had to try the original. I remember you using BE during our internship, but you grew to hate it. So far so good for me, but if you love LM more I might have to try that out next time. I look forward to hearing more about it!