Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all! I promise to resume regular posting, if not in the next week, then absolutely in the new year! Its a crazy time for everyone, I am sure you all understand!

Vacation Lovely!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stocking Stuffers From Korres

If you have never tried Korres products, you are in for a treat. They are made from all natural ingredients and produced in the exotic land of Greece! Hence flavors like Quince, Guava, Wild Rose and Pomegranate. They have some awesome stocking stuffers for the holidays, available at Sephora, like these Butter Duo sets, available in Quince or Guava. Each contains a 1.69oz. body butter and a lip butter pot. Both are great for dry winter skin!

Gift Lovely!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

DERMAdoctor Physical Chemistry Facial Microdermabrasion

It is not often that I share with you all a product I don't like, but I have seen so many positive reviews of this product, I feel I have to add my two cents. I read about DERMAdoctor's Physical Chemistry in Allure magazine awhile back. They said it was the closest thing you could get to a microdermabrasion at home because of the high acid percentage. I got a jar of it from a friend who had tried it once and thought it didn't compare to her beloved ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville. Thank god I didn't purchase it, because at $75 for 1.7oz. this stuff is not cheap! Well, after a few uses my reaction was the same as my friend's. It didn't really seem to do a whole lot. Usually after a great exfoliate, my skin feels smoother and looks brighter. Neither was happening after this stuff sat on my face for a few minutes. So anyways, I thought you should know if your were in the market for a new exfoliant, try anything else, namely my favorites: Philosophy's Micro Delivery Peel or ExfoliKate.

Exfoliate Lovely!

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Weekend Beauty Reads from the BBN

  • The Makeup Divas reviews and tells you about a romantic and stylish home fragrance line that have made their way into Elton John and P.Diddy's homes. Check it out HERE.
  • StyleBell finally uncovers the secret to Curling with a Flat Iron! Watch the video and you will be on your way to making beautiful waves!
  • Felicia over at ThisThatBeauty is giving away limited edition Diane Von Furstenburg lipstick HERE.
  • A Touch of Blusher loves Dior's spring 2009 collection.
  • Beauty411 gets her dreamgirl on and shares a Holiday Luxe Gift Guide!
  • Beauty Banter brings you more fabulous holiday hair trends -- get the looks that Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon are already sporting!
  • Beauty Anonymous takes a look at Shu Uemura Spring 2009 Collection.
  • The girls over at Beauty in Real Life are having 2 giveaways this with Oral B Pulsonic and another with Phillips Norelco Bodygroom for men. Check out the details here.
  • is cleaning out the beauty closet and having a contest where the readers can win what's in it! Click here to enter!
  • Glossypink shows you a product that will give you a winter-safe glow!
  • Beauty Junkie in SF loves the gifts offered by all natural lavanila this holiday season.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

HUGE Savings on and in stores

Ok. Stop what you are doing and go directly to Type "sale" into the search box on the top left and discover all the great holiday sets that have been discounted, probably due to our slowing economy. Some are available online only, but most you can probably find at your local Sephora store. Seriously, there are some great values!!!! Check it out!!!!

Sale Lovely!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diesel Fuel for Life Gift Sets for Him

Need a great gift for that man in your life who has everything? Or maybe for a guy who doesn't have a clue was to do when it comes to finding a scent for himself. Diesel Fuel for Life is an energetic scent that's modern, yet classic and sophisticated, so a variety of guys will really enjoy it. It contains notes of star anise, grapefruit, lavender, heliotrope, raspberry and vetiver. I probably like it because it has the grapefruit (of course), but it also has enough spice and weight to make it manly and strong while maintaining the sweetness. The holiday set contains the Fuel for Life After Shave Balm, Shower Gel and Eau de Toilette in a signature Diesel canvas pouch, all for $69.50. A small price to pay for a man to smell amazing, from head to toe.

Gift Lovely!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

The other week I went to grab my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion from my makeup case and it was missing. I knew the culprit was most likely my rascally kitten whose favorite game is to knock things on the ground and bat them around, usually into a dark corner of my closet. So I was forced to go for plan b, Too Faced Shadow Insurance for my eye primer. It comes in a small tube and since I hadn't used it in awhile, the first bit was all oil. Yuck! I closed it up and squeezed it a bunch to mix it up again. The consistency was better, but still much more wet then UDPP. A little goes a long way and I ended up squeezing out too much the first few times I used it. It did seem to keep my shadow from fading throughout the day but I didn't like how oily it felt. Today, looking for an umbrella in my closet (rainy season has offically started in SF, boo hoo!), I found my UDPP! Needless to say, I reverted back to my old ways but I'll keep the Too Faced Shadow Insurance around for "rainy days." All in all, I think it is a decent eye primer that does the job well, but not a fabulous as my fav.

Prime Lovely!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Lavanila Gift Sets for Her This Holiday

I know you are running out of time to shop for your loved ones! So here are some great ideas by Lavanila. They use only 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Their vanilla-based products soothe and protect your skin with a healthy dose of 30 essential vitamins and minerals, 19 amino acids, and anti-oxidants. Anyone on your list will love them since they smell yummy and are good for your too!

The limited-edition Vanilla Spice Healthy Fragrance is a blend of Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Cardamom and Madagascar Vanilla essential oils. This warm scent just screams holiday memories and cosy winter nights. The fragrance is housed in an elegant gold package, the perfect pampering present for the holidays.

The Healthy Lip Shine Trio and Healthy Body Butter Trio make the perfect stocking stuffers. The Healthy Lip Shines put all concerns to rest with 100% chemical-free, naturally effective formulas that deliver a sheer wash of color and a natural, luminous glow while unique powerful antioxidants and skin-soothing oils nourish and hydrate. The Healthy Body Butters blend skin-soothing botanicals and powerful anti-oxidants in this non-greasy moisturizer that instantly melts into your skin for luxurious hydration and softly scented nourishment. How that for stuffing your stocking with goodness?!

Gift Lovely!

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend Beauty Reads from the BBN

Link Lovely!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stuff Stockings with Ojon's 7 Piece Discovery Set

Have a friend or family member who travels a ton? Need a few little bottles for stuffing stockings? Ojon has a great set of 7 of their best products in travel sizes for only $39! The set include a 2-oz Ultra Hydrating Shampoo, a 2-oz of Ultra Hydrating Conditioner, a 2-oz Hydrating Thickening Shampoo, a 2-oz Hydrating Thickening Conditioner, a 2-oz Shine and Protect Shampoo, a 2-oz Shine and Protect Conditioner, and their widely popular 2-oz Rub-Out Dry Cleanser. Gives them in sets or separately.

Gift Lovely!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Benefit's Bad Gal Plum Mascara

It might be surprising to you that up until recently, I didn't own a single mascara that was anything but black! I think the last time I did "spring cleaning" on my makeup collection, I tossed the few blues and browns had because they were gross and old. So when I had the chance to try Benefit's Bad Gal Plum I knew it was time to get some color back into my life. I know how it goes, you get very used to the way black mascara looks and anything else just doesn't seem to make your eyes POP they way it does. But honestly I think there is a time and place for this lovely Plum shade. It kinda makes your eyes look ethereal, since it is a soft purpley-brown, sending the focus on the color of your eye instead of your lashes. I used it with some gold and bronze toned shadows and the effect was pretty and soft, not super intense. I think it is a good daytime mascara, a nice change from black, black, black, but not as dull as boring brown. Try it!

Plum Lovely!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Nick Arrojo's Blow Dry Gift Set

If you're anything like me then you love to watch TLC's What Not to Wear. Seeing frumpy ladies get turned into fashionistas never gets old. I think I watched an episode everyday when I was in college. Part of what makes the show so great are the hosts. I love Stacy, Clinton, and Carmindy of course, but the hair stylist Nick Arrojo is great too. I just found out the other day than not only does he have his own studio in New York but he has his own line of products. I got to try the volume foam, and if the rest of his products work as well as it does, I bet the line will do very well. It gives my hair tons of shape and body without making it feel full of sticky product and it is only $15 for 4.2oz. For the holidays, there are a few gift sets available as well. The Blow Dry Set contains the volumizing foam I like so much and both a round and paddle brush to help you get a great blow-out right at home. Perfect for ladies like me, with flat lifeless hair that needs help on a daily basis.

Gift Lovely!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Archipelago Botanicals Mini Diffuser Set

A beautiful home is a home that smells delicious. A part of the beauty world I love is home fragrance. A while ago I picked up a Archipelago Pomegrante Citrus candle from Nordstrom for $24 and I just love it. Here is how they hooked me: Nordstrom had one of the Archipelago diffusers in the women's bathroom and the scent intoxified me so much I knew I had to have it!

They also have a $30 set of mini diffusers is a great hostess gift for holiday parties, or a great addition for your own home. My favorite set contains Pomegrante Citrus, Pinapple Tangerine, and Mango Tangerine, but there are also sets of florals or woods if that is more your style.

Gift Lovely!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend Beauty Blog Reads From the BBN

Link Lovely!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Stila Shine on Gift of Glaze

Can a girl ever have too much lip gloss? Um, the answer would be no! These Stila Lip Glaze click pens are a great thing to have around in multiples. Through one in each purse, bag, and a few at your desk! The set of 6 available just during the holidays is only $22 and it contains some of Stila's best selling shades and a few new ones. They taste as good as they sounds, promise!

Set includes:
- Vanilla (pearly nude)
- Brown Sugar (shimmering golden nude)
- Raisin (shimmering golden plum)
- Grapefruit (frosted pink)
- Apricot (melon nectarine)
- Gumdrop (vibrant pink)

Gift Lovely!

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L'Occitane Hand Cream Trio Gift Set

I have written about how much I LOVE L'Occitane's hand creams before, but I have to say they are simply the best I've found. The little tubes are easily transported in your purse. The shea butter moisture is unbeatable, even in the harsh winter months. And I enjoy the plain one just as much as the scented varieties. Although the little tubes maybe seem on the pricey side ($10 for 1oz.), they last a very long time and are well worth the money. So this is why I snatched up one of the Hand Cream Trio sets at Sephora the minute I saw it. $25 for three is a steal, and I am excited to try the cherry blossom scent. It will be hard to give this gift set away, but I know it is the right thing to do this holiday season. The people I love deserve soft hands too. I guess...

Gift Lovely!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Marc Jacob's Daisy Gift Set

Marc Jacob's Daisy is a huge hit among women of all ages. It's pretty, flowery packaging appeals to tweens and teens yet it's scent is very lady-like and grown up. It has notes of Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, and White Woods. The gift set available right now at Sephora for $60 includes a 1.7 oz eau de toilette spray and a very cute gold solid perfume ring in a delightful gold pouch.This set will surely please many a lady (to be or otherwise) on your list this holiday season.

Gift Lovely!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Korres Butter Duo To Go in Quince

Another great simple gift set I've found is Korres' Butter Duo To Go in Quince. For $18 you get a 1.69oz. of their body butter and a lip butter pot both in yummy exotic Quince flavor. Korres' products are all natural and made in Greece. The rich body butter is great for dried-out winter skin and the lip balm will help any chapped lips out there. I kinda like that they come in a plastic pouch. Its simple and yet chic. Throw that into anyone's stocking and they will be more than happy!

Gift Lovely!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anastasia's Mini Brow Kit

If I had it my way, my entire stocking would be filled with adorable little beauty sets! This Mini
Brow Kit by Anastasia is right up my alley. Perfect for just about any lady on your list (or a man not afraid to do a little plucking!), it contains just the essentials to clean up and tame your brows on the go, all for only $25.

This set includes:
- Mini Matte Camille Highlighter
- Mini Tweezers
- Mini Clear Brow Gel

Stuff Lovely!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM raises $2.5M for AIDS

World AIDS Day was today. I know I'm a a little late in posting this but I wanted to share with you the latest great thing that MAC Cosmetics is doing to support such a greatly important cause:

Johannesburg, South Africa – November 24, 2008. A new grant program from the M·A·C AIDS Fund has granted $2.5 million to fighting HIV and AIDS in South Africa. The grant will go to UNICEF South Africa and (NOAH) Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity to help in testing and treating pregnant women and strengthen the community infrastructure to care for children orphaned by AIDS. The children of South Africa have been hard hit by the AIDS epidemic, where 280,000 children are living with the disease and 1.4 million have lost one or both parents.

The $2.5 million was raised $14 at a time across 16 countries when M·A·C Cosmetics customers purchased VIVA GLAM lipsticks and lipglasses. The entire sale price of the products is directed to the MAC AIDS Fund.

“It is our responsibility as a global company to invest in integrated and sustainable HIV/AIDS initiatives and programs,” said Nancy Mahon, Senior Vice President of M·A·C Cosmetics and Executive Director of the M·A·C AIDS Fund. “This collaboration will have a significant impact on addressing the alarming and rising rates of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, working in partnership with two important local grassroots organizations that are on the frontlines and have a deep and vast understanding of the issue.”

The new M·A·C AIDS Fund grant will provide $2 million to UNICEF to provide HIV testing and treatment to pregnant women and children in Kwazulu Natal, North West and Limpopo which together account for 50 percent of the 5.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the country. In addition to expanding programs for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, this grant will allow the provincial governments to incorporate HIV testing into existing immunization programs. This will provide a critical opportunity to identify HIV-positive children and bring them into care and treatment. The program will also provide treatment to 36,000 pregnant HIV positive
women to prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies and ongoing antiretroviral medication to over 5,000 women and children.

“The power of one VIVA GLAM lipstick or Lipglass never ceases to amaze me,” said M·A·C Cosmetics Global President and M·A·C AIDS Fund Chairman John Demsey. “In this case, the proceeds from hundreds of thousands of VIVA GLAM sales will support two innovative and groundbreaking HIV/AIDS programs in South Africa. The two organizations we are supporting through this global partnership really understand the needs of their country, uniquely positioning them to create and implement comprehensive programs to address the AIDS crisis in South Africa. VIVA GLAM customers should be proud to know that they are directly contributing to the global fight against HIV/AIDS.”

The M·A·C AIDS Fund began supporting HIV/AIDS programs in Africa in 2000, and has granted more than $10 million in South Africa alone. In South Africa VIVA GLAM can be purchased at one of 13 M·A·C Cosmetics stores with five locations in Johannesburg, one in Pretoria, four in Cape Town, two in Durban and one in Port Elizabeth.

The following 16 M·A·C markets are participating in this initiative: Austria, Belgium, Dubai, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


The M·A·C AIDS Fund, the heart and soul of M·A·C Cosmetics, was established in 1994 to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. MAF is a pioneer in HIV/AIDS funding, providing financial support to organizations working in under served regions and with under served populations. As the largest corporate non-pharmaceutical funder in the arena, MAF is committed to addressing the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS by supporting diverse organizations around the world that provide a wide range of services to people living with HIV/AIDS. To date, MAF has raised $130 million USD exclusively through the sale of M·A·C’s VIVA GLAM lipstick and Lipglass, donating 100 percent of the sale price to fight HIV/AIDS. For more information, visit

So get out there and VIVA GLAM it up this holiday season, and know your $$ are doing great good!

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Philosophy The Recipe Box

I can't believe it is December already! But that means holidays, parties, family, and presents so I'm ok with it. I am especially excited about all the great gift sets available this holiday season! I'll be devoting most of my December posts to them, so get your shopping lists ready.

A very fun, inexpensive set is Philosophy's The Recipe Box, only $18 at Sephora. It is perfect for anyone who loves to bake delicious desserts. The adorable box includes three yummy recipe-flavored, 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gels (strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake, and sweet creamy frosting), as well as recipes to bake them! What a fun idea!

Gift Lovely!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Beauty Reads from the BBN

Lilan from The Daily Cookie adds a little sparkle to her holidays with Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal in two new LE shades!

A Touch of Blusher talks about major trends in Japanese cosmetics.

Felicia at ThisThatBeauty
is doing her own personal rendition of the MAC and HELLO KITTY collection. Check out Felicia's HELLO KITTY Face of the Day.

The Makeup Divas reviews and tells you about a scrumptious selection of bath and body care products, that are perfect to use as stocking stuffers!

shares time-saving tips and styling suggestions for holiday hair without the hassle!

Beauty Anonymous brings you Shiseido's Majolica Majorca Holiday 2008 Collection.

Beauty Junkie in SF discovers Diptyque's luxurious candles in San Francisco's Maiden Lane.

All Lacquered Up ponders whether men can wear nail polish or if it's only acceptable on rock stars.

The Beauty Blog Network shares maybe the best post ever.

Elke finds a Holiday Gift Set for $25 that even Dr. McDreamy would approve of.

Face Candy helps you choose between the Lancome's Holiday Beauty Box and Estee Lauder's Holiday Blockbuster.

Beauty Banter dishes on the must-have Holiday Hair... all the celebs are sporting it!

Head on over to Beauty in Real Life to find out which fabulous new skincare products make the cut in Christine's morning routine.

Link Lovely!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy and festive thanksgiving holiday. I hope you are eating turkey and other yummy treats with your closest friends and family and not working or blogging! I certainly will be taking it easy. I usually try to avoid shopping on "Black Friday" but we'll see if I can resist this year. The sales and mark downs seem to be everywhere and bigger than ever. And you know me, I can't resist a good bargain.

Happy Turkey Day!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travel in Style with Nude

We all travel a bunch during the holiday months. Whether you are going away for a quick weekend or taking the whole week off to be with family, it is important to have all your skincare items with you wherever you need to go. The luxury natural line Nude Skincare has come up with a great travel set for any skin type. Travel nude comes in a sleek tote constructed from reclaimed seatbelts. It is a durable, stylish way to get you where your are going and maintain your skin in the process. The collection contains:

Replenishing Night Oil (15ml)
Age Defense Moisturizer (15ml)
Moisture Balance (5ml)
Cleansing Milk (30ml)
Hydrating Water (30ml)

Travel Lovely!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clarisonic Holiday Special

I still haven't gotten my hands on one of these to try, but I hear nothing but great things about the Clarisonic Skincare Brush. But now might be the time to finally bite the bullet... either that or let a loved one know its what I want for Christmas!

Starting last Friday, 11/21, on the Clairsonic website, you can personalize your own Clarisonic! They are also allowing customers to break their $195 payment into 4 easy payments to make those holiday budgets stretch a little further. The easy payment program is only applicable for the month of Dec, so you'll want to hurry!For those shoppers paying in full we have an incentive for them as well. With a $195 purchase you will receive a ½ oz renewal serum, and travel bag, a $55 in value! Pretty sweet.

Brush Lovely!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Diptyque Red Tubereuse Candle

After a yummy Sunday meal of dim sum in Chinatown, I discovered a hidden gem down an alley known as Maiden Lane near Union Square in San Francisco. This little alley is where you can find luxury stores like YSL, Theory, Gucci, and other stores that tend to be nothing but trouble.

It also is home to the only Diptyque boutique on the west coast (the other US location is in Boston). I have to admit I had never heard of Diptyque Parfumes prior to walking in the adorable store, but now I am a fan! The scents are fantastic and their candles so addicting my friend's mother asked her to pick up two before she headed home to Michigan for the holidays. The special request was for the Tubereuse scented candle, right now available in this beautiful frosted red glass for the holidays. For $68 this candle better burn for days (approximately 50 hours), but the spicy-floral scent is quite nice.

Lucky for those of you not in San Francisco, Diptyque candles are available at lots of specialty boutiques throughout the country and online at

Burn Lovely!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Beauty Reads from the BBN

Beauty411 spotlights the Lancome C'est Magnifique Holiday Collection. Stop by and enter the giveaway for Le Vernis Nailcolor in Midnight Glam!

The Makeup Divas reviews Three Custom Color Specialists Tai Lip Shine.

Lilan from The Daily Cookie is gearing up to get AGLOW for the holiday season with this new Prescriptives collection!

Cybelesaysis loving the new products from Revolution Organics. Read all about this line here.

Musings of a Muse gets on board with the Japanese Holiday Collections by reviewing the Lavshuca Antique Collection! .

Beauty Junkie in SF loves that NARS is using their sexy products to support amfAR and preach that safe sex is sexy!

A Touch of Blusher loves Dior's Night Diamond.

Glossypink counts down her top 5 favorite pink lip glosses!

Felicia from ThisThatBeauty gets a SILK PEEL and shows off the results, sans makeup. You gotta see this.

The girls over at Beauty in Real Life are having another giveaway. Enter for your chance to win a Travel Brush Set from adesign. Click here for the details.

makeup loves me has before and after pictures that speak for themselves of clairol's at home dye kit, perfect 10.

Christina Loves... learning the history of MAC Cosmetics

Makeup Moxie's pick of the week is the new Lancome Juicy Tubes Set.

Shop for beauty products, clothes and jewels all while sitting at your computer - AND people watch without ever leaving the comfort of your own home...Beauty Banter explains!

Link Lovely!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

Want to add some life to your lifeless locks? Aveda has a great spray that will help solve your flat woes without adding any weight to your do. I for one know what it is like to have fine, thin hair that does nothing but lay flat, especially if I let it...gasp... air dry. Now I spritz a bit of Aveda's Volumizing Tonic on my roots, maybe flip my head over and give the underneath a bit of love too, and dry the heck out of it with a round brush. The result is bouncy, bigger hair that has a bit of texture without being too stiff. Just don't over spray, or it will get a bit... sticky. Yeck! And, most importantly, this tonic smells good with something called a Pure-Fume(tm) aroma that contains essential oils to uplift your senses! So your mood can be lifted... just like your hair!

Spritz Lovely!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smashbox Rapture Holiday 2008 Collection

Smashbox's Rapture Holiday 2008 Color Collection celebrates the captivating allure of a woman with a selection of delicate hues and shimmering shades. Exquisite makeup in soft, pearlescent colors mimics the airy lightness and sweet shades found in tulle, silk and satin, creating a perfectly romantic and enchanting holiday season. Sounds so very pretty, huh?

The Rapture Holiday Collection includes:

Get flawless skin on the go with this limited-edition set of Smashbox’s best-selling, skin-smoothing PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER in both full and travel sizes to perfect skin in an instant. Available for the first time at this amazing value - grab one for a friend and one for yourself!
-these primer's are a cult favorite.

LIP GLOSS COLLECTION $29 (value $90)
Get glam with this party-perfect set of gorgeous glosses. The set includes three best-selling shades and three holiday exclusives to wear alone or layer together.
LIP GLOSS in RAVISHING (shimmery rosy nude)
LIP GLOSS in LOVELY (shimmery soft pink)
LIP GLOSS in STUNNING (shimmery bright pink)
LIP GLOSS in ILLUME (pale nude with iridescence)
LIP GLOSS in RADIANT (shimmery pink plum)
LIP GLOSS in CANDID (pink with golden shimmer)
-I got this set last year and I loved almost all the glosses. In fact I'm still using them. What a deal! They are the perfect size to tuck into any holiday clutch as well.

BEST OF SMASHBOX KIT $19 (value $43) - wow! That's a bargain, if I've ever seen one!
This one-of-a-kind set brings you Smashbox bestsellers packaged in convenient travel sizes - perfect for your holiday clutch or carry-on tote.
MINI FUSION SOFT LIGHTS in DUSK (shimmering nude, deep bronze, terracotta, soft pink and golden tan)
MINI LIP ENHANCING GLOSS in AURA (shimmery nude pink)

5 professional travel size brushes that fit conveniently in your purse for flawless beauty looks on-the-go.
-beautiful brush set for your friend who needs a little help getting her collection started!

A blockbuster set of 16 gorgeous shades of our luxurious cashmere eye shadow and two must-have brushes for flawless application. Create an endless array of beautiful eye looks that take you from day to night!
-What a cute idea! Also great for those friends of yours who need help expanding their look books a bit.

GIFT OF GLOW COLLECTION $49 (value $127) Only at Sephora
Give the gift of glow! Radiate a golden aura with this luminous collection for eyes, lips and cheeks, just in time for holiday. Includes 2 brushes and a travel pouch to get glowing at home or on the go.
WATERPROOF SHADOW LINER in HOLLYWOOD (bronze with golden shimmer)
LIP GLOSS in GILDED (shimmery pale gold)
-A gorgeous set, especially the pouch! Adorable!

ULTIMATE BEAUTY PALETTE $59 Exclusively at Ulta
A must-have eye, cheek and lip color palette with nearly 100 shades of Smashbox favorites! Take your look from daytime chic to evening drama flawlessly. Perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself!

ENCHANTRESS BEAUTY KIT $45 (value $140) Exclusively at
This limited-edition kit has everything you need for an enchanting holiday evening. Smashbox partnered with hot Canadian jewelry line, Foxy Originals, to create an exclusive silver pendant necklace on a triple strand chain that’s sure to be the must-have accessory of the season. Smashbox paired the holiday stunner with the brand’s cult-favorite liner, mascara, and shimmering shades for cheeks and lips to inspire magical moments. All of this is packed in a chic pewter faux leather and suede multi-compartment bag that doubles as a party clutch, toting your jewelry and makeup so you can focus on being the enchantress you are.
Silver pendant necklace on a triple strand chain
SOFT LIGHTS QUAD in AGLOW (shimmery pearl, warm pink, peach and soft rose)
LIP ENHANCING GLOSS in PROTÉGÉ (pink nude with golden shimmer)
Pewter multi-compartment zip up bag

WHERE TO FIND THEM:,, Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and select Bloomingdale’s

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

Some days when I wash my face, I just want a thick foamy lather to wash all over my face and make it feel deliciously good-old-fashion clean. While some foaming pump cleansers tend to be either too light and airy or overly harsh and drying, Ole Henriksen's African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser gets the balance just right. It is super rich and foamy, yet it leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean but not dry and tight.

Apparently, red tea contains higher antioxidant levels than green or black tea. If you don't know already (since antioxidants have been the "buzz word" ingredient for skincare and food products for awhile now) antioxidants fight free-radical damage, which can cause premature aging. Red tea also contains the flavonol Quercetin which is known to increases capillary strength. Additionally, red tea is rich in minerals (such as iron, calcium, copper, and magnesium), has antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties, and heals skin irritations and promotes smooth skin.

So, in other words, this face wash will provide you a highly enjoyable cleansing experience with lots of positive benefits for you and your skin. Yay for natural skincare!

Cleanse Lovely!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Safer Sex with NARS the Multiple Orgasm and amfAR

This Saturday I volunteered at gala benefiting amfAR, one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education, and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy. Actor B.D. Wong hosted the event (you'd recognize him from Law and Order: SVU) and designer Kenneth Cole (amfAR's Chairman of the Board) presented two awards of courage. One to former director of the department of public health in San Francisco Dr. Mervyn Silverman, for his leadership in AIDS prevention. And one to fashion icon and AIDS activist Dita Von Teese. She is even more stunning in person than you would imagine and yet very modest and soft spoken. What a doll! It was a wonderful evening and I felt very fortunate to be able to attend. Although I couldn't afford any of the auction items myself, the evening raised nearly $400,000. It was really amazing to see people opening their pocketbooks wide, especially during our current economic situation.

NARS Cosmetics is also doing their part to contribute to the cause. Their Safer Multiple Orgasm Set is available only at Sephora. It contains the very popular Orgasm blush in cream stick form and two NARS branded condoms! Talk about making safe sex sexy! It is a such a fun idea from a company that has used sex to sell thier products and now they are using it support a great cause. A portion of the proceeds will go to amfAR! Love it!

Protect Lovely!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel

I know that for me, the key to clearer skin and smaller pores lays in using a serum with glycolic or salicylic acid in it. And why not a product that has BOTH? Well, DDF has a great serum called Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel. Together, the glycolic and salicylic acids work hard at sloughing off the dead skin cells on your face that trap the dirty bacteria in your pores and prevent natural oil drainage. I wouldn't call this a mattifying gel, but it has helped my congested skin clear up quite nicely with only a few weeks of use. I still get a bit shiney by mid-day but that doesn't both me as much as nasty pimples and blackheads rearing their ugly heads. If you have moderately congested skin, I would highly recomend adding this product to your regime, twice daily after your cleanse and before your moisturize. Best part is, it doesn't overly dry you out either. So no nasty flakes and fewer breakouts. What's not to love?!

Gel Lovely!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Beauty Blog Read from BBN

The Makeup Divas reviews a unique facial product and a truly blissful body treat from The Body Deli.

A Touch of Blusher takes you through highlights from the last 12 months.

Beauty Anonymous is interested in checking out the MAC Hello Kitty Collection.

Beautiful Makeup Search is giving away over $400 in beauty products in her BeautyFix Giveaway. Have you entered yet?

Aging Beautiful has a review of the must-have neck cream from Dr.Perricone, called PerriconeMD Firming Neck Therapy.

Beauty Junkie in SF is loving Bioelements Equalizer used on the set of her favorites TV shows. It makes her feel fresh and glamorous at the same time.

Lilan from The Daily Cookie loves Bobbi Brown's new Copper Diamond Collection and recreates the look with Bobbi's Velvet Plum Eye Palette.

Raging Rouge is loving Cremesheen lipstick by MAC.

Girl Gloss found a new favorite lip gloss in the Cargo Blu_ray High Definition Lip Gloss Quad.

Beauty411 takes a look at MAC's Passions of Red Holiday Collection!

Elke shares her reviews of latest product offerings.

The Beauty Blog Network welcomes it's newest member!

ThisThatBeauty, and Sephora help you spend $25 or less on holiday gift giving

Toya of The Life of A Ladybug invites you to join the Old Favorites Challenge!

All Lacquered Up discovers Barielle's newest nail polish collection,
Fall Affair, including a gorgeous GREEN shimmer.

The girls over at Beauty in Real Life have 5 copies of celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy's latest book to giveaway. Click here to get all the info!

Glossypink reveals an eyeliner that's especially pretty for brown eyes!

Christina Loves... learning about technology in her beauty products!

Makeup Moxie feels a new obsession coming on -- Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist.

Link Lovely!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

Posthumously, Kevyn Aucoin has come out with his own makeup line. Not sure how that works, but hey, I like what I see. After looking over the whole line, my first purchase was The Volume Mascara. My experience with Too Faced's Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara taught me how nice it is to have a mascara that makes tubes. Tube mascaras are great because they don't smudge or fall throughout the day. They are water resistant but all you need it a little water and some gentle rubbing to get them off. Kevyn's volume mascara gives a bit more volume than the Too Faced but it tends to get a little more clumpy. It also drys a bit slower, but once it is, it will stay on for days. Literally. The brushes are the same, very small and thin, which helps you get every last lash coated. So try Kevyn's The Volume Mascara if it sounds like something you would like. I know mascara is a very personal choice, so the bottom line is find the one you like and replace it every 3-4 months!

Lash Lovely!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Valentino Rock 'N Rose

The perfect fragrance to me is one that combines a women's beauty and soft, sweetness with something edgy and deep. It has to be just the right combination of these, too sweet and soft and it doesn't hold up or too edgy and it turns sour and too musky after time. Valentino's Rock 'N Rose has just the right amount of both for me. I enjoy all levels of the fragrance: begining, middle and end. Most importantly, I get compliments when I wear it and I love the shape and look of the bottle. It is both romantic and edgy, pink with a hard black crystal cap. Love it.

Notes include: Bergamot, Black Currant, Crunch Green, Orange Blossom, Gardenia, Muguet, Rose, Sandalwood, Orris, Musky Notes, Vanilla, and Heliotrope.

Spritz Lovely!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bioelements Equalizer

While I've heard that toners aren't necessary, they can add a welcome step to your skincare routine if they are in spray form. A quick spritz after you cleanse but before you moisturize can make your thirsty skin feel refreshed and lightly hydrated.

A favorite in the glamorous world of TV sets is Bioelements Equalizer. Not only is Bioelements used on the sets of Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, and Dancing with the Stars, the makeup department of the new comedy Kath & Kim also relies on the skin care line (pictured right). So if you think the ladies--and men, skincare is for everyone!--have great skin on these shows, then check this stuff out!

Bioelements Equalizer is a great way to hydrate and balance your skin, prepping it for a moisturizer. The spray contains essential oils like chamomile, rose, and geranium, and ylang ylang oil, all of which are pleasantly calming and soothing for any skin type. I enjoy how fresh it makes my skin feel. You can spray on and then wipe it off with a cotton pad, but I just leave it on and continue my routine of serum and moisturizer right over it. If you have given up on traditional toners and tonics in the past, this one might bring you back into the fold.

Tone Lovely!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Celebrate Kiehl's Week November 10th-15th

Kiehl’s Day, Nov. 12, commemorates the day in 2003, when Kiehl’s re-planted a pear tree at the corner of 13th St. and Third Ave. Officially declared Kiehl’s Day by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Kiehl’s Day has become an annual Kiehl’s holiday, in which we honor our history, our heritage and our customers.

WHAT: Kiehl’s Day Celebration

  • “Pear Tree Corner” new product election all week
  • Grand prize drawing for “Pear Tree Corner” gift basket all week
  • FREE daily product giveaways for the first 25 customers, Nov. 10-Nov. 14
  • FREE Pear Lip Balms for the first 25 customers on Kiehl’s Day, Nov. 12
  • FREE Pear Tree Corner candle with each purchase of $60 or more all week
  • FREE Kiehl’s Baby Lip Balm for children all week
  • Children’s art activities throughout the week
  • Saturday Bagel Brunch, Nov. 15
WHEN: Monday, Nov. 10, 2008 through Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008

  • Kiehl’s Since 1851, 2360 Fillmore Street, San Francisco 415.359.9260
  • Kiehl’s Since 1851, San Francisco Center, San Francisco, 415.644.0112
  • Kiehl’s Since 1851, 1848 8th Street, Berkeley, 510.548.0130
  • Or find your local Kiehl's location here.
HOW: Visit your local Kiehl’s store and experience their great skin, body and hair care products.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder Foundation

I have found my perfect foundation powder! After endless trial and error of many brands and formulas, this is the one that has proven to be the far. Being a beauty junkie, I of course will continue to try others, since that is what I do. But for now this is my go-to foundation powder everyday of the week. I initially tried it in their limited edition duos, paired with a shimmery highlighter but I found I was mostly just using the matte side. So I was thrilled to discover that MAC sells them on their own!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural has very light coverage and yet it is build-able for those days when you need some extra help. I apply it with my kabuki brush, after I have put on concealer (YSL's Touche Eclat mostly...still obsessed with that as well!). It blends in so nicely and the shade light/medium matches my skin quite well. I don't feel like I get shiny later in the day and yet it doesn't make me look like I have a thick layer of powder on my face. I love that it is in a small compact (and not loose... don't think I can go back to loose mineral powders now) but I do wish the compact included a mirror and a sponge for quicker mid-day touch ups. I guess you really can't have everything.

Powder Lovely!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trina Turk for Clinique

Nordstrom has a great GWP for Clinique right now... because the bag it comes in was designed by Trina Turk. All you have to do is spend $25 and you get this awesome sliver and white bag with bright yellow lining. It is decently large, so it can actually fit all the makeup I need for a weekend trip! Watch the video online about Trina Turk and how she came up with the design for the bag.

The GWP includes:
* Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser (1.7 oz.)
* Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift Firming Cream (0.5 oz.)
* Multi-Compact with Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Beach Plum
and Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher in New Clover
* Lash Doubling Mascara (0.14 oz.)
* Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bamboo Pink
* Long Last Lipstick in Blush Coral
* Silvery Lipstick Case
* Elegant travel bag designed exclusively for Clinique by Trina Turk

So far I like the pink glosswear and the eye shadow duo. If I wore lipstick, I would totally carry it in the hot silver case. But the bag is really the best part.. and totally worth a few purchases. I just love it when Fashion and Beauty come together to make beautiful things happen.

For my purchases, I got another cream shaper for eyes in brown sugar. As I said before, I love these pencils because of how soft they are. They create a great line without hardly any pressure and if you want, they smudge and blend well too. I also picked up a major standby for generations of women, almost lipstick in black honey. Not one for much color on my lips, this is the perfect hint of red. It literally makes your pout look like it does naturally... but better!

GWP Lovely!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend Beauty Reads from the BBN

Beauty Anonymous brings you Chanel limited-edition Levres Douceur lip palette.

A Touch of Blusher looks at YSL's spring 2009 collection.

Beauty Banter reveals 7 tips to cut costs (but not your beauty) during these crazy economic times!

Beauty Junkie in SF gets back into the natural skincare trend with a review of some of Boscia's great products. Preservatives are for sissies!

Beauty and Fashion Tech loves her new DHC Eye Shadow Palette and Eye Shadow Brush

Teri from Beautiful Makeup Search is hooked on PerriconeMD Firming Neck Cream - come find out why.

Aging Beautiful has the complete line up from Sensual Sensations - the new line from Dr. 90210 Robert Rey.

Elke is giving a $100 Gift Certificate to a lucky brow fan from her Model Brow Collection.

Michelle from All Lacquered Up takes you on a visit to the Lancome Boutique in New York City and shares her favorite items from their holiday collection.

If you're always losing your lipgloss, Makeup Moxie has the solution: The DKNY Be Delicious Key Chain

ThisThatBeauty shows off celebrity brows by Damone Roberts, brow guru to the likes of Madonna and Beyonce.

Christina Loves... the newest Anti-Aging Treatment Cream from MLab.

Glossypink gives you the tips to get Angelina Jolie's beautiful Bazaar cover look!

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic tried out the new Pure Skin Care Line at CVS, which was both good and bad...

makeup loves me is giving away a set of the latest diet craze, sensa! get your skinny on!

Face Candy gives you some ideas for bargain shopping without sacrificing fashion.

Enter for a chance to win a Karmin Titanium Hair Iron over at The Makeup Divas.

Beauty411 shines the spotlight on the sophisticated Laura Mercier Black Tie Holiday Collection!

The girls over at Beauty in Real Life are having another giveaway this week with YES Skincare. Click here for more info.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

It might feel strange to slather a weird green goo all over your face, but this stuff does wonders. Kate Somerville is famous for the famous faces who swear by the treatments at her medi-spa in LA. ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is the next best thing to going there yourself. It contains papaya fruit enzymes, which increase cell turnover for gentle yet effective exfoliation. Apply it to slightly damp skin and massage it all over in circular motions for 30 seconds, then rinse. It burns my skin a tiny bit, so i never leave it on any longer than that. Afterward my skin feel soft and smooth, like the top layer has been sloughed off. My face is a little red right after for about 20 minutes, so I apply it before bedtime. I aim for using it twice a week, but it depends on how much time i have and how yucky my skin is feeling. But one things for sure, it always feels better after this!

Kate Somerville products are now available at Neiman Marcus, which is nice for those who don't live in LA and don't like to shop online. So try it out, you'll be hooked, I swear.

ExfoliKate Lovely!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

I have found a way to indulge in deliciousness without indulging in the calories that usually go along with it: Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Shower Creme. This body wash wraps you in the yummy scent of raspberries and cream, while moisturizing every part of you with fruit and aloe extracts, macadamia and evening primrose oils, and vitamins B5, A and E. It is certainly not a replacement for yummy sweets you eat, but it might delay your craves for a time.

I'm not usually a fan of sweet, dessert smelling body products, but their packaging is so girly and cute, which is great for gifts. I gave the set of 3 Lip Whips - Cocoa Buttercream Frosting, Pink Buttercream Frosting and Raspberry Buttercream Frosting to a friend as a little gift. The hydrating formula contains vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients, so they taste good and keep your lips kissable soft.

Buttercream Lovely!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Body Deli - Skincare products so natural you could almost eat them

Like to eat fresh? Organic? Raw, whole foods? Well, why not use them on your body too? The Body Deli has created a line of skincare and body care products made of fresh, organic, raw ingredients. They are so fresh, each product actually has an expiration on it! I've had the chance to try a couple of their products and so far I really like them. It is very cool to read the list of ingredients and actually know what all of them are!

Inspired by the concept of natural living and driven by the science of “living foods,” The Body Deli’s products are designed to provide nutrition for the skin. All of the products are handmade in small batches and incorporate raw, fresh, natural and organic ingredients, including organic yogurt, amino acids, fresh fruit and vegetables, and all-natural plant oils. Yum! The result is nutrient-rich products for the body, face and hair that deliver fresh vitamins, enzymes and minerals at their peak potency. Hence the expiration date!

When my skin was freaking because it was so dry, I reached for the Creme de la Rose. Normally, this luxurious cream would have been too heavy for me but my skin was extra thirsty from the dry heat. I used it only at night and it kept the tightness I was feeling at bay. So, if you want a heavy cream with tons of anti-aging benefits, from the oils of pure organic steam distilled bulgarian rose, moroccan rose geranium and sandalwood from India, try this out. You'll feel like you are using a cream meant for a queen.

Another lotion I tried was the Solar Defense Day Cream. We all know what a big fan I am of moisturizers that include a sunscreen. Who wants to put two products on when one can do the job just fine?! My typically slightly oily skin likes the lightness of this lotion and the fact that is blends in fast. No to mention it includes anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Superoxide Dimutase, which work to neutralize free radical damage and improve the health and vitality of the complexion. Yeah, that's right! Nature does good work!

Lotion Lovely!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boscia Skincare Product Review

I love trying new skincare products, even when they make my skin freak out. I know that is weird, but I get a thrill whenever I try new stuff. Lucky the latest stuff I've tried has been a success, with no adverse reactions. I am really liking Boscia, so far. The packaging is super simple, all white with a simple green leave design. It evokes something natural and pure, simplistic. Which is exactly what they are going for, touting being preservative-free and all natural.

The Purifying Cleansing Gel is a great all-around makeup remover and face wash. My skin feels super fresh and clean, even when though it been extra oily lately. I like that is suds up a little bit and then washes very clean. My skin does feel a little tight afterwards but I kind of like that.

I'm extremely impressed over the Oil-Free Daily Hydrator SPF 15. It is everything I want in a moisturizer. It feels light and blends in quick, unlike a typical moisturizer with sunscreen. I really like the bottle too. Its nice and small, great for travel, but you don't need a ton so it will last awhile. The cap reveals a pump on top of the tube, so you can dispense just the right amount and no air gets to the product. Love it!

Clean Lovely!

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