Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Attack on Our Integrity!

The New York Times ran an article today that has the Beauty Blogging community in an uproar and with good reason. Kayleen Scheafer basically presents beauty bloggers as swag-hungry products whores, who only do it for the free stuff companies send them! The article is so biased and twisted I can't even belive it.

Yes, I am sure there are bloggers out there who write raving reviews about products they get for free, but the majority of bloggers do it out of sheer love of the product and passion for the beauty industry, such as myself. I have never received anything for free, and granted I am new at this but even if I were to receive anything, I would still publish my honest opinion on the product. Bloggers are generally up front about the freebies they get, where as magazine editors often have positivity contracts and get major perks (vactions, designer hand bags, etc.) that they don't disclose to the reader.

There are thousands of beauty bloggers out there and I'm willing to bet that the majority of them are just like me, doing it out of passion not greed for free "swag"! Any press is good press, but lets see some letters to the editor, defending our integrity as Beauty Bloggers ladies!

Fight Lovely!

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Beauty Tips For A Fresh Start

I love checking for all the latest pictures from the fashion shows, especially the close ups of the runway makeup looks, of course. But they also have a great beauty section, from the editors of W and Vogue.

Currently, The 2008 Beauty Guide is all about re-vamping your beauty arsonal for the new year. Some of the suggestions are obvious (new hair color! whiten your teeth!) and some just cute. Here are the tips I might go for to help start off the new year right:

For up-to-date nails, try nude mettalics on your toes and a short bold navy manicure. I think I'll pick up OPI's Russian Navy today. Gorgeous.

Nothing like a new scent to make you feel like a new woman. I just got a sample of Fresh Sugar Lemon and its definately... FRESH! Think I might take another look at their wide variety of scents and find one a little less lemony, but new and exciting!

Try a new lip color... dark red for one! I am married to my lip glosses, but maybe

it's time I jump out of my comfort zone a bit and go for something like Dior Rouge Dior Repenishing Lip Colour in Red Premiere 752. Wowza... that would be different!

Change-it-up Lovely!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Laura Mercier's Seduction Collection

Laura Mercier's new Seduction Collection is gorgeous. I love using plums and violets as a sultry replacement for your basic black. "Make a bold statement with deep hues. Scarlet rose lips take center stage while eyes remain seductively dramatic in blue and plum shades of violet. Eyelashes are full and flirty. Nails in deep hues and the sweet scent of violets add the finishing touch."

I haven't stepped into the relm of falsies yet, but I love the eyeliner and the eye-colour quad. Against my better judgement, I might have to rack up my Nordstrom bill a bit higher this month.

Color Lovely!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sephora Haul!

You know how much I love Sephora... and it had been quite awhile since I did a lunch time trip there. So off I went yesterday to pick up a few things I had been lusting after and to see what I fancied. I showed an enormous amount of restrain, but here is what I walked out with:

I finally picked up a full sized Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36). I opted for the original formula, even thought my skin can get oily at times. I have raved about it in previous posts, so I won't bore you again and again. But if you have never tried a primer, I would seriously recommend checking this one out. it will change your life... or at least your makeup routine!

I also got a new brush: a Sephora brand small shader brush. they don't have the exact one on the web, but it is similar to this one. It is a small round tip, fairly stiff. I use it to pick up a darker color and shade the corner and crease of my eyelid in a sideways v-shape. This look always makes my eyes pop and people always go "how you do that???" Its easy with a great brush like this!

My random find for the day was an eyeliner from Clinique. I have used their liners in the past, but not in a long while. Not sure what brought me over to their display but the Cream Shapers automatically caught my eye. I dislike sharpening eye pencils and I really hate when they are too hard to get a quick line on the eye. These seemed creamy (obviously!) and smooth and I love the hint of sparkle, not too much but just enough. I got it in Egyptian, a fun dark olive. Something a bit different to play up my blue eyes.

Best of all: I hit $100 in my Beauty Bank as a Sephora Insider so I got a free deluxe gift! I opted for a cute little bottle of J'Dior by Dior. It not really my kind of scent, but its a nice addition to my perfume shelf... and maybe a fun little gift for a friend. I just love free stuff!

So, it might be a few weeks until my next Sephora visit, but I promise to continue to share my purchases.

Haul Lovely!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Beauty Blog Reads

Its been a while since I did one of these, and since its a drizzly sunday afternoon in the city, it sounds like the perfect activity. So read on:

Temptalia reviews MAC N Collection with swatches. I just ordered the Light Flush Mineralized Skinfinish online... I'll let you know what I think when it arrives!

TheMakeupGirl notes that some of my favorite beauty blogs, like Beauty Addict and Beauty Snob were mentioned in WWD! Congrats guys! Beauty Blogs are making the big time.

Elke Van Freudenberg loves the Conair Infiniti Nano Silver Blow Dryer as much as I do! Its such a fabulous product... and cheap too!

TheDailyCookie got a new look and boy is it cute! And she is doing new giveaways. Very Exciting!

Yummy411 covers all the different blush brushes out there. A wealth of knowledge, that one!

Link Lovely!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Keep Em Soft and Lush

Why your lips, of course! Just wanted to share my latest obsession in lip wear. I am still one for lip balms, especially in the winter when my lips get uber dried out. Believe me, you don't want to be around me if I've been without my lip stuff for over an hour. I'm a mess!

I borrowed Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm from a friend one day when I was without and I was hooked. It is the perfect balance of moisture, a touch of minty-rose flavor, and a hint of color. Its been a mainstay in my purse ever since I picked one up for myself.

Balm Lovely!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Avante Guarde Makeup At Dior Spring 2008 Couture

I absolutely love to look at the creations designers make for their couture shows. Everything is so over the top and super detailed.

Christian Dior's Spring 2008 Couture show is no exception. The makeup looks were absolutely stunning and wondrous. Now that is my kind of art! Check out all the looks on

Here are a few of my picks:

Create Lovely!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Beauty Blog Network: I'm in!

I was just accepted to be a part of The Beauty Blog Network! It is an awesome group of the best beauty blogs on the web and now I get to be a part of it!

Check out my profile! So cool, right?!
Maybe it's just exciting for me, but now I feel like a legit blogger. If only I could figure out more ways to get readers... any ideas?

Read Lovely!

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Brighten Up!

Ah, the three day weekend is over and boy am I tired. It was full of good times and all I know is I'm glad that the work week is only 4 days! I went out every night this weekend, drank wine, hung out with old friends and new, and even danced a bit. Lots of fun, but it wreaked havoc on my skin.

On Sunday I couldn't get the dark shadows under my eyes to go away... until I remembered my latest drugstore purchase from a lunch break last week. Rite-Aid was have a BOGO deal on Maybelline, so I finally bought Dream Mousse Shadow in Vanilla Veil. It is a bit tricky to put on. I can't see how you would use anything but your finger, and it wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be. The color is a white with gold shimmer, very pretty and helps open up my eyes a bit. I'll use it as a base for other eyes shadow, but alone I would fear it creasing.

What really impressed me and took care of that darkness around my eyes after so little sleep was the Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner gel pencil I got as part of the deal (for free! I love bargains, can't you tell?!). I got it in Peach Daiquiri, a bright shimmer peachy color (looks nothing like the swatch on the website!). When I line under my eyes and a bit on the upper inside lash line, my eyes instantly open up. It looks like I had 8 hours, instead of 4! Beautiful!

Brighten Lovely!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Add me to your reader!

I have noticed that my feed reader is HIGHLY under used by my readers so I just want to put a plee out there: Add me to your reader! I know lots of you use Gmail and therefore you should use iGoogle. You can add widgets for the weather, maps, movie times, and most importantly: a feed of my blog! :) Just click on the link at the side or RIGHT HERE and select Google, then add to Google Homepage. It's updated at least once a day, so you can see what I'm writing about every time you turn on your computer. Lovely ain't it?! Happy Friday!

Feed Lovely!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

And Now For Something New

I have been a solid powder blush user for so long, it was hard for me to try something new. Powder blush is just so easy to apply. With the right brush (I used a powder brush actually because I don't like a hard blush line that some smaller blush brushes give you) you just sweep and go.

But Tarte cosmetics tempted me with their popular stick cheekstains. I picked up one in Natural Beauty (a sheer berry rose) the other day and while I can't say I feel 100% confident in my application abilities, I like the results. It gives a me nice bright berry-full glow. I think I want to try Tipsy next, a sheer coral-pink with a hint of white shimmer that is apricot scented. Sounds pretty, right? And I'm in luck, Sephora has a special gift set called Ready, Set, Glow! that contains a mini Tipsy and another product I've wanted to try, the Rest Assured Brightening Wand. Think I might just go for it!
Glow Lovely!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hi-Def Your Makeup

Seems like everyone is jumping on the High Definition bandwagon. That's right, even makeup companies are using the advancement of this new technology to sell cosmetics! Cargo just came out with a new line of makeup called The blu_ray™ Collection. Here is what they have to say about it:

"The revolutionary new collection from CARGO cosmetics, blu_ray™, was created especially for filming in high-definition. The professional-quality makeup covers imperfections while looking completely natural—since any heavy coverage is amplified in hi-def—and the result is radiant skin. CARGO's The blu_ray™ Collection is ideal for weddings, special events, or for flawless everyday beauty."

The pressed powder looks intriguing and so does the HD mattifier but right now the powder only comes in one color, a "neutral beige." (I think the mattifier is clear.) I am all for makeup that is good for your skin and still looks good on camera, but its sounds a bit like a marketing ploy to me. What do you think, ladies?

HD Lovely!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Create Your Canvas

I have been a slacker lately when it come to blogging, and I am truly sorry for that. Hopefully, I will get back on schedule now that 2008 has settled down a bit. This morning I was looking at my cluttered beauty product shelf and I noticed that I had three primers lined up in a row, and I thought what a perfect topic for my Monday post, comparing them head to head. After trying each of them a few times, here are my conclusions:

philosophy's The Present Clear Makeup: I tried this hoping to love it just has much as I love my other philosophy products, but I was disappointed. It feels much more like a moisturizer than the others, but then it creates a strange thick layer on my skin that actually makes my concealer harder to blend in, especially under my eyes. Next!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: I originally did not loved this product that much. I had heard so many people rave about it, but then the sample tube I got it in made it separate a bit. After a few more tries, I am now in love. It creates this amazing silky, matte finish on my skin. My favorite part is that then my concealer and foundation glide on like nobody's business. I am definitely buying the full sized pump bottle which will most likely eliminate the separating problem.

Laura Geller Spackle: I got a sample of this in a goodie bag from Sephora at this fancy New Years party I went to, and I am happy to say I really like it. It has a more dewy look that the Smashbox but it still makes my skin feel really smooth and ready for makeup. I might have to get this one too. It also comes in a pump form which will eliminate contamination.

Prime Lovely!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Take It Back

I had posted on my disappointment in my recent fragrance purchase, Gwen Stefani's first scent for her label, L by L.A.M.B. But I would like to recant. Yes, it is slightly more subtle that I would like, but in reality I don't like heavy scents that linger for days. It really is the perfect perfume for me personally and I am definitely going to buy it again. Since it is so light, I tend to put a lot on so my 1 oz. size that came in my gift set is quickly disappearing. I will most certainly be buying it again. My favorite part of the gift set was the perfume solid though. It is an ideal way for me to refresh the scent and it seems to last longer in solid form.

Scent Lovely!

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Cleanse Your Best

With the great success of my Christmas wish list, I received Philosophy's Hope In a Jar from my longest and best friend. Through the genius of Sephora, she also got me Purity Made Simple, as part of a gift set. Now I have another Philosophy product I love.

Purity Made Simple is the ultimate face wash. It feels gentle and yet it really cleans off all your makeup and the grim collected from the day. My skin feels clean after, but not too tight or over-dry, just fresh and clean.

Cleanse Lovely!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Fav Acne Fighter

I've actually had this product for awhile, but I re-discovered it (yeay "spring" cleaning!), and am officially in love. Then I read Paula Begoun's Best of Beauty 2007, and she confirmed my belief in its greatness! Love it when that happens.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment ($5.99 on is an amazing product because it has the recommended amount of salicylic acid (2%) to really fight breakouts and it has anti-irritants and antioxidants. According to Paula (who really knows her stuff) it is one of a few drugstore products with a low enough pH (3.4) so it allows effective exfoliation to occur. It goes on smoothly, without any sticky feeling and drys quick. I usually put moisturizer on top, but if your skin doesn't need it you don't have to. Just don't forget your sunscreen, ladies.

So, head to your local drugstore and pick this stuff up if you are fighting the battle with breakouts. It just might save your life... or at least your evening out!

Fight Lovely!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Peel it Yourself

After reading my blogging buddy Lilan's review on Philosophy's The Microdelivery Peel back in October, I knew I wanted to try the stuff for myself. Unfortunately, I was going through a bit of a financial melt down, and the $65 price tag was too much to swallow. Thinking ahead, I put it on my christmas list. I don't think I've given my family such a good wish list in years. It was awesome to actually get a few things I really had been pining after (my new hair dryer!) and this was no different. I tried the peel out Christmas night and then did another application last night. Lilan was not wrong! This stuff is awesome! It feels like the citrusy acids are gentle sloughing off your dead, unneeded skin cells, leaving you with softer, smoother skin that glows. I just love it! I think I can probable use it more than once a week even, being that it is so gentle feeling. My skin can get really sensitive so I'll be careful though. Just follow the directions on the labels (or read Lilan's review) and voila! A new face... at home! Really $65 is the price of a cheap facial but this it will last you at least 10 uses and no one is going to squeeze your pores if you don't want them too. Not bad!

Peel Lovely!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Fun With Blue

So here is the look I did for New Years:

I used:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

MAC Holiday 2005 eyeshadow palette in Cool Eyes (a light shimmer blue all over, and a navy in the crease)

Upper lash line: Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Radium

Lower lash line: Sephora brand cream eyeshadow pen in Pink, and a bit of MAC e/s in Phloof!

MAC Zoomlash Mascara

Pretty fun, yeah? I thought so... but definitely not an everyday look.

Blue Lovely!

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