Thursday, January 17, 2008

And Now For Something New

I have been a solid powder blush user for so long, it was hard for me to try something new. Powder blush is just so easy to apply. With the right brush (I used a powder brush actually because I don't like a hard blush line that some smaller blush brushes give you) you just sweep and go.

But Tarte cosmetics tempted me with their popular stick cheekstains. I picked up one in Natural Beauty (a sheer berry rose) the other day and while I can't say I feel 100% confident in my application abilities, I like the results. It gives a me nice bright berry-full glow. I think I want to try Tipsy next, a sheer coral-pink with a hint of white shimmer that is apricot scented. Sounds pretty, right? And I'm in luck, Sephora has a special gift set called Ready, Set, Glow! that contains a mini Tipsy and another product I've wanted to try, the Rest Assured Brightening Wand. Think I might just go for it!
Glow Lovely!

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nilla cookie said...

I have never really tried cheek stains before. I always think that I'm going to end up a streaky mess and that it won't come off. I think I'll have to practice some before I go out in public... :D