Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Laura Mercier's Seduction Collection

Laura Mercier's new Seduction Collection is gorgeous. I love using plums and violets as a sultry replacement for your basic black. "Make a bold statement with deep hues. Scarlet rose lips take center stage while eyes remain seductively dramatic in blue and plum shades of violet. Eyelashes are full and flirty. Nails in deep hues and the sweet scent of violets add the finishing touch."

I haven't stepped into the relm of falsies yet, but I love the eyeliner and the eye-colour quad. Against my better judgement, I might have to rack up my Nordstrom bill a bit higher this month.

Color Lovely!

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(g)ezebel said...

wow! this collection looks great.

ooohhh, you must try out falsies! they're soooo much fun. :0)

Erika said...

I LOVE that eye color quad--- so gorgeous!