Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beauty Tips For A Fresh Start

I love checking for all the latest pictures from the fashion shows, especially the close ups of the runway makeup looks, of course. But they also have a great beauty section, from the editors of W and Vogue.

Currently, The 2008 Beauty Guide is all about re-vamping your beauty arsonal for the new year. Some of the suggestions are obvious (new hair color! whiten your teeth!) and some just cute. Here are the tips I might go for to help start off the new year right:

For up-to-date nails, try nude mettalics on your toes and a short bold navy manicure. I think I'll pick up OPI's Russian Navy today. Gorgeous.

Nothing like a new scent to make you feel like a new woman. I just got a sample of Fresh Sugar Lemon and its definately... FRESH! Think I might take another look at their wide variety of scents and find one a little less lemony, but new and exciting!

Try a new lip color... dark red for one! I am married to my lip glosses, but maybe

it's time I jump out of my comfort zone a bit and go for something like Dior Rouge Dior Repenishing Lip Colour in Red Premiere 752. Wowza... that would be different!

Change-it-up Lovely!

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cupcake sarah said...

Ah! So funny...I'm doing the dark blue nails too. I bought the Sally Hansen Salon After Midnight nail polish and the Chanel Blue Satin. I'm also obsessed with the Fresh Mangosteen scent! It was between that and the Stila lipstick I bought last night, and the lipstick won!