Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bioelements Equalizer

While I've heard that toners aren't necessary, they can add a welcome step to your skincare routine if they are in spray form. A quick spritz after you cleanse but before you moisturize can make your thirsty skin feel refreshed and lightly hydrated.

A favorite in the glamorous world of TV sets is Bioelements Equalizer. Not only is Bioelements used on the sets of Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, and Dancing with the Stars, the makeup department of the new comedy Kath & Kim also relies on the skin care line (pictured right). So if you think the ladies--and men, skincare is for everyone!--have great skin on these shows, then check this stuff out!

Bioelements Equalizer is a great way to hydrate and balance your skin, prepping it for a moisturizer. The spray contains essential oils like chamomile, rose, and geranium, and ylang ylang oil, all of which are pleasantly calming and soothing for any skin type. I enjoy how fresh it makes my skin feel. You can spray on and then wipe it off with a cotton pad, but I just leave it on and continue my routine of serum and moisturizer right over it. If you have given up on traditional toners and tonics in the past, this one might bring you back into the fold.

Tone Lovely!

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