Monday, November 3, 2008

MAC Holiday 2008

The other day I got sucked into another pre-order at Nordstrom for a couple limited edition items from MAC's Holiday collections:

From the Passions of Red, I got an Eye Shadow pallet in Cool, of course, since that is what I always pick. But I really love the colors, especially the purples. I like mixing the matte colors with the shimmery ones, for a multi-dimensional look. The case is actually in pink, unlike the other ones which are red. It is so gaudy, but very glamorous and fun.

From the Adoring Carmine collection, I got the Basic Brushes set. I didn't like the bag they came it at first, but the mix of ruby satin and red patent leather, but it grew on me. It is quite cute, although it doesn't hold a lot of products. The brushes are all great. I actually got the set just for the eyeshadow brush (239SE). I like the smaller size and I literally use it everyday. I figured it would be wise to have another one around.

Any of the pallets or sets would make great gifts for Christmas, so check them out before they sell out, cuz they always do!

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The Home Spa Goddess said...

I want both of the brush sets. I know I would use them all the time:)

marisol said...

Oh man, I used to get sucked into pre-ordering too. But part of me is over my MAC obsession.

Katee said...

This new MAC collection looks fab!