Sunday, December 7, 2008

Archipelago Botanicals Mini Diffuser Set

A beautiful home is a home that smells delicious. A part of the beauty world I love is home fragrance. A while ago I picked up a Archipelago Pomegrante Citrus candle from Nordstrom for $24 and I just love it. Here is how they hooked me: Nordstrom had one of the Archipelago diffusers in the women's bathroom and the scent intoxified me so much I knew I had to have it!

They also have a $30 set of mini diffusers is a great hostess gift for holiday parties, or a great addition for your own home. My favorite set contains Pomegrante Citrus, Pinapple Tangerine, and Mango Tangerine, but there are also sets of florals or woods if that is more your style.

Gift Lovely!

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