Thursday, January 8, 2009

POP Beauty Cat Eyes Eyeliner

Ever wanted to mimic Bridget Bardot's sultry eye makeup? Or maybe get a little more dramatic with Amy Winehouse's over the top eyeliner? Well, POP Beauty has come out with a wide, slanted tip eyeliner that helps you do just that. Cat Eyes Eyeliner comes in three shades, Black Onyx, Black Dahlia (a Black Based Purple), and Black Olive (a Black Based Olive). It really makes winged eyeliner much easier to achieve. You still need a steady hand, but the slanted tip makes thickening the line gradually toward the edge of the eye a bit simpler. I tried the Black Dahlia, and the result was a hot look, with a little more softness than your tradition cat eye. The pigment is definately intense and lasted all day without smudging. Try one out yourself, if you're feeling cat-like.

Meow Lovely!

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