Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer

I basically got one present for Christmas and that was a T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer. I was just fine with this because it is freakin' FANTASTIC. It dries my hair super quick (60% faster, according to T3... sounds about fair)! My ends don't look crazy fried, even though I am long past due for a cut. And I get lots of volume and bounce with minimal product. Yes, I know, $200 is a lot to spend on a hair dryer. But, if you buy it at a authorized retailer (like Sephora!), it come with a 4 year warrenty. So don't be fooled by bogus website deals, pay it all now, and it will even out buying shity $50 dryers for the next 4 years!

Dry Lovely!

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