Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naked Bath and Body: Naked Custom Bodycare

Fun and fancy soaps and lotions are even more fun and fancy when them come from small, independent businesses. I love the idea of creating super natural, hand-made bath and body products myself. Maybe some day I will, but until then I will support those people that already have started their businesses, like Naked Bath and Body products.
Naked Body+Bath is the brainchild of three Houstonian businesswomen who are proud to offer clients their natural recipes in the forms of unique, handcrafted soaps, bath salts, scrubs, and bath bombs. Most of which are customizable as they are fragrance-free and uncolored – a blank canvas that enables clients to tailor products exactly to their individual preference or need by choosing from additions including: a vast fragrance selection, colors, and specific blends that cater to needs of individual skin types. Before any additions, ALL products are 100% natural, and even after fragrance oils and color are added, Naked adamantly sticks to a promise of 95% all natural ingredients. That is pretty cool, huh?!

Below are a few of the most distinctive features about Naked Body + Bath:

  • All products are paraben-free and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate-free
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging
  • Soap products are all handcrafted by women
  • Absolutely no testing on animals
  • All proceeds resulting from sales of Naked’s signature “Fig-Give” soap benefit the Houston Area Women’s Center
  • Products and information available online at
I got to try a few products from their selection, but my favorite was the the Drench Coat Lotion, a Aloe Butter and Aloe Vera Body Lotion and the Liquid Lather, a natural shea butter shower gel. I requested that these be scented with a flavor called Breakfast at Tiffanys since it sounded right up my alley! It's a beautiful pink grapefruit scent! Yum! Exactly how I like to start my day.

So check out their site, or if you are in the Houston area, go by their store! I sure would... but I don't see myself travelling anytime soon. Sniff Sniff.

Soap Lovely!

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