Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Origins Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief for Breast Cancer

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Origins is donating $35,000 in connection to sales of its Peace of Mind On-the-spot relief. Part of their Sensory Therapy collection, this stuff is awesome. I was lucky enough (read: not lucky at all) to have a Monday tension headache brewing behind my eyes when this came in the mail. I dabbed a bit on my temples, right between my eyebrows and on the back of my neck. Seconds later I could feel the cooling, soothing sensation of basil, eucalyptus, and peppermint calming me down. Minutes later, I felt more relaxed and the throbbing had certainly died down. A nice, natural fix for a headache, and fast acting. For $10, you can pick it up at an Origins store or select departments stores as well. And it comes in a pink ribbon box this month only!

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The Glitterati said...

Hey, just stopping by to comment for a cure. Glad to hear this stuff works, might have to snag some for the BF, who's been prone to headaches lately. Would you say this is a pretty gender-neutral scent? (e.g., he wouldn't feel weird putting it on at work?)