Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Too Faced's Betsy Baby Eyeshadow Duo Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

I love when beauty products have a story behind them. The story behind this shadow is especially touching:

"Too Faced's brand founder, Jerrod Blandino, created Betsy Baby for one of his closest friends, Sephora's Betsy Olum. In 2007, the Sr. Vice President of Marketing was diagnosed with breast cancer. During Betsy's trying time, Jerrod was one of her top supporters. And, during one of their many heart-to-heart chats, Betsy jokingly asked if Jerrod would bring back her favorite discontinued Too Faced shadow, Heiress. Jerrod happily obliged, and worked with Betsy to develop the perfect highlighting-accent color. Now a fierce duo (just like Jerrod and Betsy), it's been renamed Betsy Baby in honor of her battle and triumph over breast cancer."

So, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, I went down to Sephora on Friday and picked one up! It is quite a lovely pink pair and I wish I could tell you how good they looked on, but I left it on my dresser and now I fear my kitten has knocked it off and batted it around into some dark corner of my bedroom. Hopefully I will find it and enjoy the colors, knowing how much good I did. Not only did both Betsy and Jerrod pledge to donate $3 for every shadow sold, so did Sephora, for a total of $9 out of the price of $17 being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That is awesome. Now I just wish I could find it...

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marisol said...

The story behind it makes me want to purchase it.

Kathi said...

I think you need to update your blog!!