Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dr. Obagi at Nordstrom in downtown SF this weekend

Dr. Obagi is heading to San Francisco this weekend to host a seminar helping people "Face the Facts" about their skin, separating myth from reality.

Obagi is one of the most renowned dermatologists in the country and is coming to SF to debunk the most common skin myths that have many people spending BIG bucks unnecessarily and not getting the results they are looking for (and paying for) – and in this economy advice like this is few and far between to say the least!

Known as a nonconformist in the skincare industry, Dr. Obagi has been in publications like USA Today, Vogue, Allure, InStyle, US Weekly, Fox News, ABC News, Dermatology Times and Cosmetic Dermatology.

Here are some of the myths he will be debunking:

  • Did you know that just because a package says ingredients like retinol or anti-oxidants it doesn’t mean there is enough in the bottle to make one iota of difference?
  • Did you know that just because something is natural or organic doesn’t mean it’s safe for your skin?
  • Did you know that many clinical studies are manipulated to create results that the companies want you to see?
  • Did you know that skincare products aren't effective unless they penetrate the outermost surface of the skin? The molecular weight of many skin care ingredients are too heavy to get past that barrier.
  • Did you know that many pricey ingredients like diamonds, crystals and pearls are usually worthless (though expensive) additives in skincare products?
  • Did you know that moisturizers are useless and can actually do more harm than good?
I actually went to college with his son, so it might be interesting to go hear him speak. I am definitely curious about all those "myths"... So here are the details:

Who: Dr. Zein E. Obagi
What: Face the Facts Seminar
When: Saturday, March 7 2009, 11am-1pm
Where: Nordstrom San Francisco Centre (Conference Room), 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Cost: $25, redeemable with the purchase of any ZO Skin Health product.

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Kathleen said...

Moisturizers are bad? I wish I could go to see him and find out what that is all about! If I don't moisturize, my skin starts to flake and feels incredibly tight. I can't imagine not moisturizing from head to toe!