Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh Pomegranate Anise Fragrance

This scent is so different from anything else I wear but it is definitely in my go-to top 5 scents now. Categorized as a woody oriental, I would not think I would like Fresh's Pomegranate Anise AT ALL. But reading the notes, it makes a lot more scent. Of course grapefruit is number one! This "spicy" citrus scent is heavy on the citrus and light on the spice, which is why it appeals to me. The amber, star anise, and sandalwood add a level of dimension and depth, while the mandarin, pomegranate, and magnolia are light and soft on top. I douse myself in it (its a sickness I have) and it just lingers the right amount. The result is a clean, fresh scent with a definite uniqueness.

Spray Lovely!

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