Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jurlique: Biodynamic Beauty Products

Jurlique is a masterful brand that has created beautifully designed products from natural botanics. I absolutely LOVE their packaging and even if I didn't care for natural products, I would be interested in them since they are so pleasing to the eye.

I've tried a few of their offerings and am mostly impressed. While I didn't much care for their Daily Exfoliating Cream (it felt a little like rubbing soggy cereal all over my face) I have been using the Citrus Purifying Mist almost Daily. It is SOOO refreshing with lemon, tangerine, and witch hazel to clear my skin from impurities. I also really like the Herbal Recovery Gel as a serum to use before I moisturize. I am not sure it does enough to keep my acne at bay, but I feels nice and light and its very soothing on overly dry patches.

I would check Jurlique out if you are a natural loving girl who appreciates a bit of style and class. They have it all! Available online, at Sephoras, and in their free standing boutiques. There is one on Fillmore in Lower Pac Heights for you SF girls.

Botanik Lovely!

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