Thursday, August 13, 2009

ME! Bath Shower Sherbet Body Scrub

My favorite thing about summer is that it doesn't rain!But the thought of running through a rain storm on a warm summer evening is kinda appealing. Think I even got to once many summers ago when I was volunteering at a camp in Ohio.

ME! Bath's Shower Sherbet in Summer Rain is supposed to evoke these kind of memories. It mostly made me feel refreshed and awake. It is a thick sugar-based body scrub that you scope up in your hands like a big scope of ice cream (minus the cold factor). As you rub it in to your damp skin in the shower, it slowly melts and leaves a very subtle layer of softening oils. The sugar scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. I love that the container is exactly like a pint of sorbet. Yum... makes me hungry!

Sorbet Lovely!

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