Friday, August 28, 2009

Sonia Kashuk Ultra Shine Sheer Lip Gloss

I have been using these lip glosses for quite awhile, yet I keep forgetting to share them with you all. They are an absolute joy, I must say! Sonia Kashuk Ultra Shine Sheer Lip Gloss are the perfect combination of soft, not sticky moisture and high impact shine. My favorite go-to shade is Whisper, a very sheer nude color that is perfect for everyday use and great when I don't want my lips to overpower my eye makeup. Like today, I felt like doing a dramatic cat eye with thick black eyeliner, so my lips just needed to be pale and a bit shiny. It isn't quite as shiny as some, but the moisture factor wins me over. Sometimes I just need softness, no stick! So these glosses are permanently in the bottom of my purse for easy access.

Gloss Lovely!

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