Thursday, May 15, 2008

Earth-loving Lipstick

A new line from Cargo called Plant Love is all about being earth friendly. The lipsticks are cased in a tube made entirely of corn. Whats more, the box that they come in sprout wildflowers if you plant them. Talk about natural beauty!

10 of the shades were designed by a female celebrity and 9 of them after places of ecological beauty. My favorite beauty of TV right now, Kim Raver of Lipstick Jungle, did Cherry Bliss, a sheer cherry. Then their is a sheer spiced mauve, names Muir Woods, the beautiful California forest named after John Muir, one the first modern preservationists.

Try one out today, at Sephora (where else?! I know, I have a problem...)

Eco Lovely!

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1 comment:

Someone wondering said...

Ah containers made of corn. Sounds so spectacular until you look into the global food supply shortage of corn right now and realize it's all being used.... for products like this! ok, really biodiesel but still. Either way, the concept is a good one and at least cargo is trying to do something, but if they had a truly environmentally conscious team behind them, they might have looked into packaging from another product. or better yet *gasp* no packaging at all! (i mean for the outside box, not the actual container, of course. though i suppose that might have health risks associated with it).