Friday, May 9, 2008

Great Hair Needs Great Tools

While a great hair dryer is an important aspect of achieving hair greatness, a great brush is also vital. I found a great round brush that allows me to dry my hair into a decent shape and get as much volume as possible from my extremely fine, flat hair. I picked up my round Spornette brush at a Pure Beauty shop downtown, but you can find them online at or any other beauty supply store. My Spornette is from their Provo collection, which uses boar and tourmaline enhanced nylon bristle. The contour of the brush allows for easy styling without un-due pulling. I have the 3" diameter size but it comes in four sizes, so you should pick the one that is appropriate for your hair length. It really is lightweight and helps to dry my hair faster and with style. Try one out yourself!

Brush Lovely1

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Jennifer said...

i love spornette brushes. i've seen these before, but wasn't sure about trying one of these new styles. thanks for this posting! : )
love your blog!