Friday, May 16, 2008

FHI Flat Iron from Misikko

Yes, I know, as you can tell (look left), I have very straight flat hair, so why would i ever need a flat iron? Well, if you have hair like mine you might understand. If I ever put it up in a ponytail, even for a few minutes, it gets bent! So an iron that heats quickly and is thin enough to get all the way to my roots is a great thing to have around when showering and re-drying my hair isn't an option.

The nice people at Misikko, a great site that has both high-end styling tools and fabulous haircare products, sent me a flat iron to try. The FHI Flat Iron Platform Special Addition works beautifully. It heats up fast and glides through my hair like a charm. I don't need to worry about it pulling out my hair or frying it to death. Best part is it is on sale for $119 and it comes with FREE 2 day shipping! Pretty sweet huh? I think so. Check out the whole site, they have some good deals on dryers and other products as well!

Flaten Lovley!

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