Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: Makeup Palettes under $50

Makeup palettes make great gifts for your makeup-obsessed freinds, and those that need a little help in the color department! These fun boxes with eyeshadows, blushes, and lip colors allow for your friends to try new things and often times they are perfect for mobile beautifying, i.e. at the gym or on the road. Here are some I found all for under $50:

POP Beauty Sara's Make-Me-Up Cabinet ($38) is an adorable little set of drawers with cheek colors, eye clors and lip colors in each one! This set would look so sweet atop anyone's full sized dresser. The cabinet contains: a bronzer, three silky cheek colors, one black eyeliner, one gold highlighter, 10 fresh eye colors, and six lip dews with a hint of color, each organized in its own drawer to keep you neat and tidy.

Two Faced The Jewelry Box ($39.50) has everything a girl needs to feel her upmost glamerous! the box does not contains jewelry, but it does have a ton of stuff: eight eyeshadows, six lip glosses, blush, a duo bronzer, foundation powder, brow powder, eyeliner cake, and a shimmering face illuminator. Wow, that's a lot of stuff for a tiny little box!

Sugar Cosmetics I Dream of Sugar Makeup Palette ($38) is a sleek tri-fold palette packed with every essential you might need for a multitude of fabulous looks. It comes with 16 matte, neutral and deep dramatic shimmering eye shadows, 8 lip glosses, Tropic Tan bronzer and blush, and all the applicators you need. You'll be dreaming of it even after you give it away!

Sephora Brand Beauty Fever Palette ($25) is a purse sized set of all the tools you need to go from blah to beauty-full wherever you might be. The set includes eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, lip glosses, and even a mini Lash Plumper mascara!

Gift Lovely!

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