Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last Minute Shopping Pays Off

Since I waited until the eve of x-mas eve to get all my friends and family's presents, I was limited to shopping at the mall by my parents house in Seattle (that and it was raining cats and dogs on Sunday... not conducive to running all over town!). Surprisingly enough, I ending up getting everything I needed from Nordstrom and Macy's. I checked out the new ULTA store, and didn't see anything that caught my eye. It is a nice mix of drugstore finds and higher end lines, but I was still confused at that point about what to get everyone, so it just overwhelmed me.

After scoring some things at Nordstrom, with the help of their always suggestive and informative staff, I headed over to Macy's, not sure of what I might find. Ok, I'll just come out and admit it: I've never bought anything Origins. Not sure why, it just hasn't come under my radar until recently. I stumbled upon their rather large display in Macy's. With the helped of an extremely sweet and attentive salesperson (at Macy's?!? I was shocked!) I found a perfect gift set for my mom. It contained a tube of the Pure Cream cleanser, a small tube of Perfect World white tea skin guardian, and and pot of Youthtopia, a skin firming cream. So far, she says its makes her skin feel super smooth and soft. Love it when gifts are sucessful!
While the nice saleswoman was wrapping up the set all pretty, I got to testing out their other products and I knew I was in trouble. I ending up picking up a pot of their excellently smelling A Perfect World body cream. The white tea fragrance is divine, perfect after a long hot shower and shave, to keep your skin fresh and moisturized in the winter. Ahhhh. I had to leave it in Seattle though, since I didn't want to check baggage. My mom is sending that and a few other things I got for Christmas in the mail. I can't wait for that package!

Moisturize Lovely!

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nilla cookie said...

I LOVE LOVE the Perfect World line. It smells so divine, I have both the rich cream and the ligher lotion version. Can't get enough! I hope you enjoy it :)