Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Last One To Lash

I know if you read a lot of Beauty Blogs, you are going to be sick of this review, but hopefully I can add a few additional insights into Cover Girl's new mascara, LashBlast. Its the one in the vibrant orange tube, with the funny looking brush.

Here is my verdict: Fairly good formula for a drugstore mascara, its is volumizing without clumping hardly at all. It is a slightly less dramatic look that my MAC ZoomLash, which is good some days. The brush is rather large, as they designed it to be so, and the bristles are very different that anything I've seen before. But I don't find it hard to apply or get to the side lashes at all.My major complaint is the bottle! It is this huge tube, much fatter that any other mascaras I own, and it takes up way too much space in my mascara container! I don't think I'll buy it again, just for this reason. Package is important to me, and I get that they were trying to be out there and different, but the form should be functional as well.

Lash Lovely!

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CityChic said...

Argg I don't know if I can stray from my Chanel Inimitable & Imju Fiberwig. The bristles are similar to the Chanel (nylon hard bristles). I'll need to see what the hype is and pick it up when I go to Target tonight!

nilla cookie said...

I've been trying to buy this for weeks now and can't find it anywhere. I've read all the reviews but I just need to see for myself after the before and after pics I saw on The Makeup Girl.

I agree that packaging is a factor to consider - an oversized orange tube probably won't cut it for me, but we'll see! :)

Beth said...

It took me forever to find it! I went to 5 Walgreens one day! The drugstores in this city don't keep a good stock. Oh how I miss having Target ten minutes away... but I don't miss anything else about the East Bay!

nilla cookie said...

I have a car and I still didn't see them at the Colma/Daly City Target a couple of weeks ago. I'm due for another visit there and am going to look again.

I'm determined, darnit!! :)

Beauty and Bangles said...

Wow, this is actually the first time I have heard of this. And I thought I read a lot of beauty blogs! Anyway, great review, I think I will try it out anyway, maybe it can be one of those masceras that I leave on my bathroom counter.