Thursday, February 21, 2008

Color Is In The Air

Just like I loved Bottega Veneta's lilac eyes yesterday, I am loving the trend towards highly bright pigmented eyes and lips. Sephora's big ads right now are all about "Makeup As Art" and I just love it. You should be afraid of going a little bright once in awhile. Its your chance to show off the wild side and go a little color crazy! Here are some products I love for creating these highly pigmented bright looks:

Make Up For Ever Flash Color is a cream color that delivers highly dramatic shades for a unique and unforgettable look. I love the Bright Blue and Fuchsia!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils provide excellent color for your most fabulous looks. Urban has been shocking is customers for years now with over the top, wow-worthy colors and these pencils are no disappointment. I love Gunmetal and Lush the best but they are all lust worthy!

Lancome Color Fever Shine has a lot of color with being too over the top because it's still sheer. The more vibrant shades can be worn to follow this highly pigmented trend and still stay within the bounds of "pretty". I would try Pink In The Limo or Rock Icon Fuchsia for some serious color! Not to mention the packaging is so cute!

Color Lovely!

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1 comment:

yummy411 said...

hi! i love color too and it's just what we need. i made sephora trip today. i swatched one of the makeup forever flash colors.. it's like a paint, slick and bright! i swatched a fuschia color and it stained my hand. i'm guessing you'd have to prime appropriatley. is it made for the lids? would it crease.

i did a review of the lancome pixel pink. i have a feeling that you'd like it the fresh lippie.