Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fav and Not So Fav Oscar Looks

I just have to put in my two cents regarding the makeup looks seen on Sunday evening at the Oscars. While I didn't watch them (I went to go see No Country for Old Men instead!), I knew I could catch all the coverage online and on E! 's Fashion Police show. Here is what I thought:

Favorite Glowing Mommy-to-be: Cate Blanchet
I think she looks really beautiful. The jewel tones are elegant and the gown is flaterring for her bump. She would have looked funny with a fancy up do while that pregnant, the soft, low do is much more believable. I may be biased becuase I love her so much as an actress, but, hey! The Fashion Police agreed with me!

Favorite Supermodel Not Afraid to Go BIG! Heidi KlumI loved the custom gown (which will be auctioned off for charity) and I like the HUGE bun is beautiful and fun. The black eyeliner and nude lip is clean and sophisticated. The only complaint I might make is the makeup artist seemed to go a little crazy with the bronzer. I guess its better than getting washed out by the camera.

Favorite Latin Beauty: Penelope Cruz
While I wasn't too crazy about her dress (never been much for feathers), I think her makeup and hair are spot-on. The eyes are dark and smoky, the earrings are pretty yet elegant and the hair is simple and sweet, without being too sweet. She looks absolutely stunning.

Least Favorite Young Starlet Trying to Emulate Old Hollywood: Katherine Heigl
Well, I have to say, I am not loving this one bit! She looks old beyond her years and her cheeks are so bronzed they look dirty! I do like the matching red lips to her dress, which I also enjoyed, but the hair is just too old school for me.

Least Favorite Pixie Cut: Renee ZellwegerBesides the dress washing her out, I am not liking this short haircut. And I don't think she is either! The five minutes of red carpet coverage I saw showed her constantly playing with it, mussing it up or something. Its just looked awkward. Its straight out of her movie Chicago! It really should have stayed there....

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KatieKoo said...

As someone that did watch the awards I have to respectfully and totally disagree about Katherine Heigl... though it is just one person's opinion, I thought she was the most stunning lady on the runway and at the awards by a long shot. her look ran with the red style of this season's awards, but was refreshingly oldschool as well. :)