Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vacation Must-Haves

I'm about to go on a lovely little getaway before I start my new job and I am sooo excited. It's been ages since I had a real vacation and even longer since I spent it on the beach! I leave extremely early Friday morning and so I need to start packing today. Of course, I am thinking about the beauty items that are a must have for a relaxing fun vacay in Cabo! Here are a few I know I'll be toting (and causing me to check my bag...grrr!):

Purpose Facial Moisturizer, Redness Reducing SPF 30: I love this face lotion because it is super gentle, won't clog my pores and has SPF 30! I don't really need to reduce redness but I trust Purpose to give me a gimmic-free face lotion that will protect me from the sun!

Coppertone Sunblock Lotion Oil Free SPF 15: This sunblock is an old stand by for me. It won't clog pores, it's waterproof, and its not greasy or thick like some other sunscreens out there. I put it on before heading out to the beach and then re-apply a few hours in and all I get is a nice golden tan, no burn! Wahoo! Can't wait to get rid of this pastey-whiteness.

The Body Shop's Body Butter in Coconut: I swear by this stuff as an after sun bathing soother. It smells tropical and delish and moisturizes the heck out of your skin after the sun has dried it out.

Stila Sun Bronzing Powder SPF 15: Since I'll be protecting my face from almost all sun, I want to bring along a lovely bronzing powder to mimic the effect of the mexican rays. This one is gorgeous and has added sun protection!

Now I just need to find the perfect sun dress and I'll be on my way to Cabo.... Yay!

Getaway lovely!

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Kenny Surtani said...
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(g)ezebel said...

i just recently discovered The Body Shop's body butters. i LOVE them! i haven't tried the coconut yet, but i have the shea butter, the olive butter, the pomegranite butter, and that new japanese cherry blossom one.