Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Fabulous Foundation and Concealer

The other night I realized that after being in the sun for a few days in Cabo, my foundation didn't match my skin anymore. Even though I protected my face, I still got a touch of color. When I put on my old concealer and powder my face was a VERY different color than my neck and chest. YUCK!

So something had to be done. I have heard raves about Laura Mercier products for awhile now, especially her concealers, so I decided to try them out. I needed to pick up some things at Macy's (tights... I am loving the sweater dress and tights combo for winter work wear right now) and so I headed straight to The Laura Mercier counter since its strategically placed right at the bottom of the down escalator at the Macy's in Union Square.

The sales people were very helpful and nice. I told then I wanted a new powder foundation and a spot concealer. The woman found a powder (No. 2) that is a perfect match for my skin and showed me how to apply their highly rated Secret Camouflage concealer (she also selected SC 2).

Secret Camouflage is a compact concealer that comes with two colors. For perfect application, use a small-tipped brush and mix the two colors on the top of your hand, to warm up the makeup and make it easier to apply. Then lightly dab on the spot you want to cover, blending into your skin. Set lightly with powder. It is the easiest application I've tried and really is effective. I had some nasty breakouts after vacation, but no one could tell after this stuff! Glorious!

I am very happy with my new foundation routine. It looks flawless without looking overly made up. I love powder foundation because it is buildable, so depending on how you feel about your completion, it can give your the coverage you want all the time. Love it!

Cover Lovely!

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nilla cookie said...

Secret Camouflage is awesome! What other fun goodies did you get today?

CityChic said...

I love ALL LM products. Can't wait to try Secret Camouflage. I'm still obsessed over my Cle de Peau that is seemingly lasting forever!

Mischo Beauty said...

Great post!

Mischo Beauty