Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm back....

And sooo tired. So glad I have a few days off before my job begins. Need a rest after vacation! Really, it was tons of fun and mostly relaxing. Except for when me and my girlfriends danced till 4am! But most of the time was spent laying on the beach. I wore makeup to the beach the first few days... but my the end, I was going au natural... why wear eye makeup when you are wearing your sunnies all day long?! I'm so silly!

Now it's time to get some stuff done on this long weekend. Going to start by celebrating Valentine's Day SF style... with a big giant Pillow Fight downtown! I've never been, but it looks to be lots of fun... and slightly painful!

Hope everyone has a beautiful V-Day and I swear the beauty post will commence tomorrow!

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(g)ezebel said...

argh!!! i can't believe i missed the pillow fight AGAIN. *frowns*

glad you and your girlfriends had a great time in cabo!!

nilla cookie said...

You must tell us all about Cabo! Sounds like a lot of fun. Welcome back!