Monday, March 31, 2008

Caudalie Review: Mixed Results

I've been using a few Caudalie products I got from Sephora for about a week now, so i think I can state some preliminary opinions. A bit of a warning, this stuff is not cheap! It is highly luxurious all natural, often all organic, skincare made from grapes straight from the french countryside. I like the idea of using natural skincare, but at these prices, it better work wonders. I came back with mixed reviews. Here goes nothing!

Beauty Elixir: This spray on toner was not my favorite at first. The smell is herbal and I wasn't sure I liked it but it grew on me and now I am in love. I bought the full size and a mini to keep in my purse. I spray it on after I wash my face and before I moisturize. Then through out the day, I spray again, to wake myself up at 2pm, after the lunch slump or just to refresh my face. It sets your makeup and provides a refreshing pick-me up after a long day, before heading out for happy hour specials. Try it, you'll fall in love. The set of three mini ones is a good buy ($41), and you can give them away as gifts! The full size is a bit pricey ($49), but I think it will last me a long time.

Instant Foaming Cleanser: This is by far my favorite Caudalie product I tried. It is a delightful face wash with an extremely pleasant smell, a light fresh fruity scent. It pumps out foamy and washes off easily, leaving my face clean yet not tight at all. I got a sample of the gentle cleanser which the product rep told me they mix together in their spas (there are a few in Europe right now, but one is opening soon in New York) and I love it. The foaming cleanser is only $26, but if I get the gentle cleanser too, $26 also, the process gets pricey!

Pulpe Vitaminee Energizing Cream: Here is where the disappointment came in. Told the rep I was having problems breaking out and having bouts of dry skin as well. He recommended this moisturizer and I trusted his judgement. My breakouts have not improved, in fact they may have gotten worse. This cream smells lovely (a recurring theme with this brand... maybe its the wino in me but I love that it is made with grapes!). But doesn't mattify my skin and half way through the day, my face is oily and shiny. Hmmm. Not sure this is the moisturizer for me. Thank god Sephora has a great return policy. $59 is not worth shiny, greasy skin. I might try it for awhile longer (the breakouts could be hormonal and maybe this will help neutralize my skin???) and sometimes skincare takes a few weeks to fully effect your face. We'll see.

So there was my experience. I got a few more samples of products but not enough to give full reviews. A bit of advice: never be shy about asking for samples, when buying skincare products. They want you to be happy with your purchase and what better way to insure that then letting you try before you buy! So speak up, ask for suggestions and get those samples!

Skin lovely!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, first let me say that i enjoyed reading your review! (/reviews) and second, let me express my concern and utter confusion that the saleswoman would suggest Pulpe Vitaminee for your skin when you told her that you were having problems with breakouts- the cream is quite moisture rich and could easily exacerbate your problems. Third, let me suggest a mixture of the purifying concentrate and the vinopure matte finishing fluid, or simply the fluid if you think your acne is simply a lack-of-moisture problem. Personally, i LOVE both the products, and they solved all of my skin problems, so i hope you give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Caudalie. I am 30 years old and have HYPER sensitive skin. I was never able to use any kind of skin care until I was introduced to Caudalie earlier this year. The Beauty Elixir is down right addictive and I won't go without it. As for the issue you have with the moistuizer I use the Premieres Vendanges, which is for sensitive skin. I haven't had single breakout issue. I even suffer from Keratosis Pilaris and have seen a reduction of these on my jawline. I would give that a try.