Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Treat Your Lips Right and Save Puppies

I haven't given much thought the food I eat harming others or myself in the past, but recently some people in my life have enlightened me to the dangers and risks of eating animal products. I am not sure I can become a full-on vegan any time soon (I just love cheese sooo much!), but I can practice with some of my beauty products.

Everyone knows that we ingest tons of our lip products everyday (gross, huh?!), so why not get one that is vegan AND supports a good cause?! TheBalm, a small makeup company based in San Francisco, has a limited edition over sized vegan lip treatment called theBalm to the Rescue. It is a 100% vegan (no animal bi-products) lip gloss with jojoba and shea butter that is formulated to condition lips and leave them extra soft and guilt free.

Not only are you doing something good for your lips, all net proceeds are donated to Pug Rescue which saves dogs from being euthanized and helps abused pugs get the love, treatment and homes that they need. How can you say no to that?

So really, it is combining my two favorite things at the moment. Vegan awareness and PUPPIES! You can pick up yours at most Sephora stores and of course online.

Balm Lovely!

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KatieKoo said...

While I appreciate this post I just have to say the title line is a bit out of a beauty competition.