Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been tagged! 5 must NOT have beauty items

Yummy411 tagged me the other day and I have been way too busy to do anything about it. So now that I have a moment free, I will respond to her challenge:

My 5 Must NOT Have Beauty Items:

1. Eyelasher curler: I've never been a fan of these. Maybe because I'm blessed with long lashes, that curl enough when I put on mascara or I was scarred as a child when I ripped out a few lashes trying to use one. No matter, I may own one but I haven't used it in YEARS.

2. Cream eye colors that crease! I had never met one that didn't until the wonders of UDPP and Mac Paint Pots. Thank god. But any other cheaper variety... no way!

3. Vanilla perfumes: no thanks! I don't want to smell like something I can bake.

4. Thick Foundation: I can't stand when girls wear too much foundation and it looks all orange and cakey. Gross!

5. Pimples! Of course no one likes them, but I have a special hatred for acne. Whoever said you grow out of it as an adult was totally lying... so lame. Ruins my beauty day for sure!

I am not going to tag anyone else, since i feel like everyone else has done this, but if you want to list your Beauty Must-NOT Haves in the Comments, feel free!

Beauty Lovely!

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Grayburn said...

Hi, I'm tagging you again, if you don't mind! Feel free to play along (see my post today for details)!