Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lipstick Jungle: Great Makeup

I was just catching up on my weekly tv shows online (I hardly ever watch tv on tv anymore) and I noticed that I can never keep my eyes off the women in Lipstick Jungle's makeup! It is always impeccable and brilliant. The show is sponsored by Mabelline New York but I don't know how they get the makeup to look so professional. I am sure it would look a bit much off screen but I love the shading and contouring the artist does. Each character has there own sort of style and the makeup always goes perfectly with them. I love Nico's makeup the best, her eyes are always so perfectly highlighted and beautiful and her cheekbones are gorgeously shaded. Victory's are usually more dramatic, with lots more black eyeliner, which fits her fashionista character perfectly. And Wendy is the most subtle of the three, doing the more natural beauty look with such grace and easy as only Brook Shields can do. So check out the show if you haven't already and be wowed by the beautiful makeup!

Watch Lovely!

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BeautyTalk said...

I love Lindsay Price's look.

Anonymous said...

I absolutley love these products!!