Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Father's Day with Every Man Jack

Father's day is fast approaching. Like this SUNDAY! So if you still have no idea what to get your old man, I have a quick fix for you: head to Target and pick up the the Beginners Luck Kit from Every Man Jack.

This set includes everything your pappa will need to get clean and shiny, without feeling girly or fruity. It includes face wash, shaving cream, face lotion, body wash and soap bars all in their "signature mint" smell. It's perfectly clean and fresh with being overly powerful or cheesy (i.e. those nasty body sprays boys in high school douse themselves in). It also comes in cedarwood and fragrance free, which my very picky dad would actually prefer. Oh and it comes with a handy zipper bag for travel.

For $24.99, you are getting all your dad needs, and not in small quantities I might add (all are full size products). The package is very manly, woodsy and stuff. He'll love it, I promise.

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