Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pretty Pink Manicure from OPI

I'm a sucker for a cute pink color for my tips. Not anything too crazy, just soft and light and of course pretty-pretty. At least, that is what I was in the mood for when I reached into my rather full traincase of products and pulled out an OPI nail polish I'd bought months ago but never eevn opened, tried on, or taken the wapping off! Craziness, i know but that is what happens when you buy as many products as I do... disgusting really.

Pink-Ing Of You is part of OPI's Soft Shades collection. It is quite subtle, but if you do two coats, its gives you a sheer cotton candy look. So pretty-pretty! Sounds like my nails will be all set for the summer solstice party this weekend.

Pink Lovely!

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Marisol said...

What a pretty color! I just had my nails done and she used It's Berry Daring from OPI.

Jessica said...

OPI has the BEST polish names!

In the name of beauty and brains said...

OH i Love OPI!I have a millon favourite i am sporting la paz-itively hot! ouch! haha