Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nanette Lepore Rollerball Fragrance

I am a total sucker for those bins that Sephora has in front of their cash wrap. Without fail, every time I stand in line at that store, I peruse them and end up adding 15-25 bucks to my purchase. But everything is so cute and little, perfect for impulse purchasing!

On a recent trip to visit family in Seattle, I ended up shopping at the very crowded Sephora in downtown. Standing in the rather long line, I looked down and saw a lovely little rollerball fragrance by Nanette Lepore. When I worked at Nordstrom in college, I coveted many of her gorgeous jackets, yet I could never afford them. Her ultra-fem style is fair sweet and pretty, so when I tested out the fragrance on my wrist, I wasn't surprised when that was what I smelled too! I broke my own rule of fragrance purchasing and bought it for $18 without waiting for the dry down. Thank goodness I love it!

This is a lovely floral for those of us who have a thing for fruit. It is on the sweet side, but in a warm, grown-up way. describes the notes as delicate and white, colorful and sparkling, and warm and sensual. In list form, they are: Moonstone Rose, White Peach, White Cranberry Juices, Magenta Nectar, Black Currant, Orange Jasmine, Persian Lime Juice, Velvet Violet, Amber, Indian Sandalwood.

I may have to pick up a full sized bottle now. It is so darn pretty, with the black bow! This scent is nothing like anything else I wear, and yet it fits me quite well I think. All I know is a certain gentleman couldn't stop smelling me the other night... it got so bad, I wasn't sure if he liked me for me or just me for my scent! I am sure it was a little of both.

Smell Lovely!

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noirlettes said...

you saw them at Sephora huh

Dante said...

Ugh! I love the bottle. Reminds me of something from a little boutique in france. After shopping around for good prices I got it at because they had a pretty good deal on it. I think I got free shipping too.