Friday, February 13, 2009

OPI's South Beach Collection

My weekly manicure was quite nice, even though I went alone for the first time. The ladies at Milk + are so sweet, but I think it might be a rule that they can't talk to each other while their are working on a client, which is a welcome change from the typical nail salon chatter. You know the ladies are dishing dirt about themselves and probably you, but the language barrier keep you from finding out!

This time I grabbed a great looking polish right off the counter display, which was for OPI's lastest collection South Beach, a fun, flirty collection great for getting you in the mood for spring. I grabbed Miami Beet, a hot magenta or as they describe it "red-violet." I tried to take a picture of my mani for your viewing pleasure, but I have not mastered the art of photographing nail colors (feel free to send tips!). The photos made it look red, which it is not in the right light. So head to your local salon and demand they get in the South Beach collection if they haven't already. It will make you wish you were heading to the beach this spring break (I wish I was!).

Polish Lovely!

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