Monday, May 11, 2009

Kiehl's Portable Essence Oils

Kiehl’s has added six more of Kiehl’s classic essences to their Portable Essence Oils collection, re-introducing Kiehl’s patrons to some of the original essences once formulated in the original Kiehl’s store at 13th and 3rd in New York’s East Village. The newest Portable Essence Oils ($25) are Amber 1942, Gardenia 1961, Chinese Flowers 1967, Cucumber 1972, Pear 1977, and Pour Homme 1987.

Like all Kiehl’s products, the new Portable Essence Oils are appropriate for use by both women and men, and packaged in convenient roller ball packaging that’s not only handy for travel, but also ideal for layering fragrances to create an endless array of one’s own custom blends. And, like all Kiehl’s products, these new fragrances can be included in one of Kiehl’s custom gifts, created in-store to our customers’ specifications.

AMBER 1942: Kiehl’s customers have always been drawn to Amber for its warm, sweet and long-lasting scent. Amber is fossilized tree resin and the oldest traces originate from the Upper Carboniferous period approximately 345 million years ago.

GARDENIA 1961: Gardenia was first offered at the original Kiehl’s Pharmacy in the early 60s and was an instant classic for its exotically sweet, creamy and floral scent. Originally referred to as “cape jasmine”, Gardenia has over 250 species of flowering plants, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Indomalaya and Australia.

CHINESE FLOWERS 1967: Chinese Flowers is a blend of multiple fragrance oils and was as much a signature scent on the streets of New York in the early 70s as Musk or Patchouli. Customers still write and call to request the scent or to find any remaining bottles. The original Kiehl’s Pharmacy created Chinese Flowers with a blend of violet and rose (such a precious ingredient in previous centuries that it was used as legal tender) as well as more exotic flowers of Lotus and Ylang Ylang.

CUCUMBER 1972: Avid Kiehl’s users enjoy the uniquely refreshing scent of Cucumber essence – especially since it’s known for its calming properties. Cucumbers were thought to originate over 10,000 years in southern Asia. Early explorers and travelers introduced this vegetable to India and other parts of Asia.

PEAR 1977: In 1647 Peter Stuyvesant, the governor of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam brought back a pear tree from his native Holland and planted it on his farm. For 220 years, the tree thrived at the location that would form the intersection of Thirteenth Street and Third Avenue in the East Village – today fondly known by New Yorkers as “Pear Tree Corner” and outside the original Kiehl’s Pharmacy. Out in front of the apothecary, Governor Stuyvesant’s historic pear tree shaded patrons and employees alike until 1867. Declared by Harper’s Monthly as “the oldest living thing in New York City” in 1862, the venerable pear tree bore fruit nearly until its demise, when it was struck in a most fateful wagon accident.

On the 12th of November in 2003, Kiehl’s re-planted a pear tree at the same location in honor of the community, officially marking “Pear Tree Corner” once more and received a declaration from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, designating November 12th “Kiehl’s Day.”

POUR HOMME 1987: Pour Homme was blended especially for the pleasure of Kiehl’s male patrons and includes oils of Cistus, Patchouli, Fir Needle and Vetiver (a dried grassy root once thought in folklore to protect a wearer’s physical and financial safety). To this day, Pour Homme is instantly recognizable and remains a favorite among Kiehl’s customers for its complex concentration of woodsiness.

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