Friday, July 18, 2008

Anastasia Knows Brows!

I recently got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever. I am not sure why I've never gone before, other than I thought it wasn't really necessary. I've been plucking on my own for a long time and even though my mom thinks my brows are too thin, I have always been OK with they way they turn out.

More and more though, it seems brows are in the limelight. This whole big huge, dark eye-catching look is not my thing, but it made me wonder if I should have a "professional" take a look at mine and maybe reevaluate the situation. So I made an appointment with the Anastasia lady at my Nordstorm. For $35 I got my brows reshaped with some lovely smelling wax (lavender or something) and lots of friendly advice from a sweet thickly-accented Russian lady whose name slips my mind. She advised me that (oh know, don't say it!) my mother was right, my brows were a little over plucked, I needed to grow a bit in the middle part. But overall, they weren't that bad, at least they were long enough on the sides.

Well now I've bitten the bug and bought into the whole line of products by Anastasia. I never thought I would say this, but now I feel weird leaving the house without touching up my brows! Using just a little color and something to hold them in place, I feel like my eyes pop off my face. Sounds great right?! Well here is how:

The All About Brows Kit is definitely the way to go if you are a brow neophyte like I was. It literally has everything you need to go from ewww to ahhh! My mom even picked one up since she has the opposite problem as me, she never plucks! Well, now she has no excuse. The $75 kit includes fabulous Tweezers, a Brow Powder Duo, four Brow Stencils, a Duo Angle/Spooley Brush, clear Brow Gel, and an Eye Lights highlighting pencil in matte. The kit comes in three shades. I got Ash Blonde, my mom got Medium Ash, and there is also Brunette for all you super dark haired ladies.

I love the brow powder duo because it comes in two shades so you can mix and blend together to create the perfect shade for you. Then you use the brow gel to hold them in place. The stencils are great for anyone who needs a little guidance on how to pluck the stray hairs and the tweezers are top quality. There are also some great guides and how-to videos online at Sephora. I think I should show my mom some of those!

I have also been using the Brow Enhancing Serum by Anastasia at night to try and help me grow back some of the fullness I've plucked away after all these years. I haven't seen much of a difference yet, but I'll keep you posted since these things don't just happen over night! I have my fingers crossed.

Brow Lovely!

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Katie said...

Its funny really how I hummed and harred for months over having my eyebrows waxed - I think it was fear of the pain I had heard so much about in the past about waxing. I have never looked back since having it done. It sure beats plucking a bristle one at a time which I now see as more painful.

marisol said...

I started getting my brows waxed about three years ago. I was always afraid that they would make them too thin or that they would wax them in a weird shape. Finally I decided to go to the Benefit Beauty Bar in Berkeley and talked to one of the MUAs there. She was awesome that started my addiction. I go like every two months and I maintain them during the in between time.

I also really like tinting them although I am the only one that notices a difference.

Glad that you took the plunge!