Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finding My Fragrance: A Journey

I recently learned the hard way how important it is to try out a fragrance on your skin for at least a few hours before you really decide if you like it. I was shopping around at Sephora and I wandered over to the fragrance wall. I had been doing some research on fragrances I might like. I tend toward fresh fruity, floral scents with a bit of depth but nothing too musky. Someone told me I should try, among others, YSL's Young Sexy Lovely. I sprayed it on a scent strip, let it dry and sniffed. I liked what I smelled. It seemed to have all the qualities I like! Then I sprayed it on my own wrists. After about 30 seconds of careful deliberation, I picked up the bottle and put it into my basket.

About 2 hours later, I began to regret my purchase. The scent had dried down to something utterly repulsive. It smelled very musky and spicy and not at all sexy to me! Well, good thing Sephora has an excellent return policy and I hadn't even opened the box besides.

I got my money back and I learned a valuable lesson. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!! In perfumes, there are top, middle, and bottom notes. Just because you like the first scents to smell, doesn't mean you'll also like how it dries down. Then there is the effect of your own body chemistry on the scent. The hidden scent, the one not written in the description, is the one you provide yourself.

After that experience I have I have been trying out lots of different scents. Wearing them around for a day or so before I make any rash purchases. It is a journey of sorts, but at least I can record it for you all on here. I hope you stay around for the ride.

Scent Lovely!

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pamela said...

I believe that I found my scent..Joe Malone amber and lavender. Try out some of the Jo Malone combos. They are light, but you can layer w/ lotion