Monday, July 28, 2008

Body Butter at The Body Shop: Stock up now!

The Body Shop is having their Buy One Get One Half off sale again on their great body butters and scrubs. I still have yet to find any other body butter I like more. The consistency really is like butter. It feels like it is melting on my skin. I am obsessed with the Grapefruit, but every so often I get the Coconut just to mix it up. So right now I can get both for $30! Not too shabby.

Butter Lovely!

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1 comment:

marisol said...

Happy Monday Beth!

That is a very tempting offer. I stopped using their stuff when they discontinued the Grape Seed one. I do like the sounds of the Grapefruit and Coconut. Are there any others that you recommend or one that I should stay away from?

Speaking of grapefruit, have you smelled the grapefruit whipped ody delights? It is so freaking yummy!