Monday, July 14, 2008

PureOlogy to Hydrate Your Locks

Right now I am in Casper, Wyoming visiting family for a few days. Boy is it different around here than the big city life I'm used to. We went "downtown" on Sunday to run an errand to the cowboy supply store (!) and, I kid you not, there wasn't a soul on the street! It is a cute city, full of charm and character. It's just so different from San Francisco. Some people haven't even heard of Sephora, poor souls. But thank god my Aunt is more versed in the land of products and potions. Staying at her house, I was pleased to see a bottle of PureOlogy shampoo in her bathroom.

Wyoming is extremely dry, and often windy. I need to slather on the moisturizer more often than at home and I need to keep my hair hydrated. So the PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo worked great. It made my hair so soft and silky, not oily or weighted down at all. It is great for color-treated hair because it contains 100% vegan ingredients. It has no harsh color stripping sulfates and lots of organic botanicals. It does have an pleasant herbal scent, not usually my cup of tea but it not overwhelming.

I now know why my aunt had PureOlogy out here in the prairie. After downtown to headed to Walmart and Target. Apparently that is where everyone in town hangs out on Sundays! Anyways, Target now carries Pureology, online for sure and at many of their stores. I swear, every week they have another "luxury" brand on their shelves (Aveda, Biosilk, Bumble and Bumble, Keratase). This is still not the cheapest shampoo, at $25.99 for 10.1 oz., but it is great if your hair needs protection and hydration pronto.

Shampoo Lovely!

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marisol said...

Have fun on your vacation Beth. I like Pureology but don't like the price. said...

Thanks for the post. Sounds like a winner. I'm gonna give it a try.

Robyn said...

I love Pureology! I poo poo'd it for the longest time because of the price, and finally broke down and bought some travel sizes. You don't use as much as you would most shampoos, which makes the price tag a little more palatable. I wait until the mondo size goes on special at Pure Beauty and buy it then.