Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Get Mineralized with MAC

I went a little gaga over MAC's mineralized eyeshadows and skinfinishes last fall, but the range of colors was limited and only available for a short time. Well, I have good news for all you ladies who fet the same: they are back this summer and better than before!!! All are avaiable now online and in MAC stores in the USA.

Check out the collections for yourself at

Electroflash: Nine new mineralized eyeshadow duos!....AND 4 new lipglasses and lipsticks! I can't get enough of these shadows. They apply so smoothly and give just the right amount of pigment. Yet because of the veining, you get somethign different everytime.

New View: Five new mineralized skinfinishes, baked to be delicious. I love these to create a glowing summer look... even in the winter! Whenever I wear the one I got last fall, I always get tons of compliments about my glowing skin. Time for another one to add to the collection!

Sonic Chic: Nine mineralized blushes, beatifully sheer yet chic. I love MAC blushes already, so I am egar to try these mineral ones. They sound light and yet very buildable for varying looks.

Mineralize Lovely!

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marisol said...

So whatcha gonna get? I know I am an enabler. :-)