Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MAC Tendertones Lip Balm: A New Favorite Gloss!

I mentioned a bit ago I ordered some things during MAC's friends and family sale. Well, lucky me I grabbed up a winner! I am absolutely in love with my new Tendertones Lip Balm in Sweet Tooth. It looks lovely and lighty shiny pink on, actually keeps my lips moisturized, and even has sunscreen in it! I also enjoy the yummy flavor. It's supposed to be a strawberry-kiwi flavor but I think it's more like watermelon. The glass pot it comes in is a bit heavy, but I think it is such a nice looking pot, I'll let it slide. Try one out yourself before they all sell out, 'cause they will!

Gloss Lovely!

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1 comment:

marisol said...

I am checking these out this weekend. Any others that you might recommend?