Thursday, July 16, 2009

KENZO RYOKO 2009 Fragrance Collection

Summertime calls for travel. Travel calls for tiny versions of your favorite beauty products. KENZO has answered this call with their RYOKO 2009 collection of fragrances.

RYOKO is a pocket-sized, ultra-light fragrance pebble. Each smooth RYOKO, which means travel in Japanese, houses one of Kenzo’s beautiful scents in a series of five colorful, ergonomically-designed stones that fit into the palm of the hand and is TSA-friendly (less than 3 oz). The Ryoko pebbles are saturated in high-gloss color and are suspended in a see-through box, which is meant to signify the irony of modern travel: motion without movement.

For her:
FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray
KenzoAmour eau de parfum nomad spray
L’eauparKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray

For him:
L’eauparKenzo pour homme nomad spray
Kenzo Homme nomad spray

I tried the L'eauparKenze scent, a watery floral scent. Its surprisingly fresh and yet heavy at the same time. A fun change from my fruity florals, so I'm adding it to the rotation. And in my little ziplock bag, it didn't spill or leak on the plane. Sold!

Spritz Lovely!

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