Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes to Tomatoes Trouble Free Facial Wash

Washing your face with something natural just makes sense, right? Well The Yes to family has another great product I absolutely love, from their Tomato line. The Yes to Tomatoes Trouble Free Facial Wash is an awesome simple face wash that just does it right. It smells really nice and very expensive! The slightly pink gel-like soap lathers very well and removes eye makeup like a breeze. The wash contains organic watermelon extract that removes excess oils and other impurities, and no yucky paraben or anything harsh. It also has purifying Dead Sea Minerals and the powerful anti-oxidant Lycopene straight from organic tomatoes which maintain your skin's pH balance. I am going to run through this stuff rather fast though, since it comes out of the tube quickly and I usually get more than enough in my hand.

Tomato Lovely!

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