Monday, July 13, 2009

Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Eye Liner

I had a really fun weekend, despite having little to no plans going into it. Both Friday and Saturday night I rocked a fun eye look, which I got many compliments on. I used Sonia Kashuk's new Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Eye Liner for a Bridget Bordot-esq cat eye of sorts. I drew a thick black line on my upper lids, making it slightly thicker at the outer edge. Then, because I am not perfect when it comes to gel liners with a brush, I smudged it a bit with my finger. The result was a messy cat eyes that was dramatic and fun.The liner lasted all night with no smudging. It even lasted the whole next day and even didn't run when I spent 20 minutes in a steam room on Sunday (great way to end the weekend)! Crazy awesome stuff, this eyeliner!

Line Lovely!

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Sarah said...

Beth, do you think this works better than the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof liner?

Beth said...

I think it just might be, Sarah. It is certainly a bigger bargin!