Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fashion Week - Makeup Looks

The trends showcased during fashion week not only have a huge impact on the clothing industry, they also influence what products and colors you will find at the makeup counters the following season. A few of my favorite looks so far from NY Fashion Week, courtesy of

I love the smudgy, messy eyeliner and the lips that look like they have been stained with berries.

Michael Kors
These eyes are fabulous! The orange sets off her blue eyes perfectly yet its not too much color. I can't wait to try it out!

This look is very Lolita, but not over the top. Most of the spring lips are pale, but a little cherry gloss never hurt anyone.

I love the smokey eye, no matter what the season! Course it helps that this model's eyes are HUGE! But the silver-grey color towards the edges is beautiful. Maybe I should invest in some false lashes...

Another smokey eye but in browns and golds, also gorgeous. Always pair a dramatic eye with a pale or neutral lip. And thank good the trend toward thick, dark eyebrows will be gone by spring, I couldn't wrap my head around that one!

Gold in the inner corners of the eyes always looks great, and the dark all the way out across the browbone is showstopping. I think I'll create toned down version of this for going out. The slight sparkle on the lips is cute too.

Anna Sui
If there is one thing Anna Sui is not afraid of, its color! I really like the glitter eyeshadow, reminds me of middle school... but in a good way. Maybe I'll dust off my loose blue glitter... Love the matte pink lip, its a perfect match.

And for my NOT so favorite look:

All the models in this show look DEAD. Yuck. The eyeshadow out to the temples is just hideous. To me, makeup should enhance your inner beauty, not hinder it! Not sure what they were thinking...

Enjoy the rest of the shows!

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